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Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.


In the categories below are actual questions asked by visitors to this site, with the answers we gave them. If you have a question and don't see it addressed here, you are welcome to write to us at

How do you respond to Rabbi Yitzchak Brand's many books and articles on Zionism?

May 09 2016

How do you respond to Rabbi Yitzchak Brand's many books and articles on Zionism?

He used to be well in your camp, then rethought his position, and explained why in convincing detail.

His general site is here:

Why Israeli Propaganda Endangers Jews across the Globe

Feb 25 2015

Across the globe, the media is reporting an alarming increase in anti-Semitism. Governments and individuals are researching and strategizing over these reports.

Why do you teach the Three Oaths to the non-Jewish world?

Feb 28 2013

Hi. my dear friends i am an Orthodox Jew and I admire your work a lot, especially your classical & sensible way of bringing out the voice of Torah Jews!

Was the Avnei Nezer anti-Zionist or pro-Zionist?

Jan 17 2013

My name is Ari Wexler i am 15 years old and i live in bet shemesh

Do you have proof that Rav Kook really said "the wall is our wall"?

Jan 16 2013

When you get a chance, I would appreciate if you could either find the answer or refer me to someone who could answer this question for me.

What should I do if the only Orthodox shul in my city says the prayer for the State of Israel?

Jan 07 2013

I live in a city where there is only one Orthodox shul. Unfortunatelly, the rabbis of the shul are Zionists and during a Shabbes Shachris they read the prayer for so called Jewish State.

What efforts are you making to unite organizations to bring an end to Zionism?

Dec 26 2012



The ONE HUMAN FAMILY is grateful for the service you give. Prayers for your best health, peace of mind and for success in all good works.

What should I tell a Zionist friend who gets angry when I say the Jews are in exile?

Dec 26 2012

Hello, first off i would like to thank you for installing this part of your site anf for actually making the site and exposing the truth to the world...