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Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Rabbinic Quotations

Rabbi Yitzchok Isaac Sher, Rosh Yeshiva of Slobodka (1875-1952)

Nov 10 2022

It happened in the fledgling Slabodka Yeshiva in Bnei Brak. The war was still raging in Europe the angel of death had almost full reign in the killing fields of Europe.

Rabbi Dan Segal, the Mashgiach (b. 1939)

Jan 05 2016

The secular leaders of the State of Israel are placing us in danger. Here there is a greater danger than any other place, because things are more serious here due to the holiness of Eretz Yisroel.

Rabbi Meshulam Dovid Soloveitchik, Rosh Yeshiva of Brisk (b. 1921)

Jan 03 2016

The Zionists claimed that they would save the Jews from government persecution [in Russia], and already then Rabbi Chaim Brisker, of blessed memory, said that their entire purpose in founding a state was in order to have a way to uproot the Torah from t

Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbe, author of Berach Moshe (1914-2006)

Dec 01 2012

We have all assembled today so that the speakers can explain to the audience the position ("shitah") of our holy rabbis against Zionism.

Rabbi Refoel Blum, the Kasho Rav (1910-2005)

Nov 30 2012

It has been some time since the greatest rabbis, leaders of the fight against Zionism, have passed away. They have left our generation, unfortunately, without a window to let in the light of truth.

Rabbi Yisroel Yaakov Fisher, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem

Nov 29 2012

A Serious Warning on Behalf of the Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem


Rabbi Avigdor Miller, Rav of Bais Yisroel Torah Center (1908-2001)

Nov 28 2012

The State of Israel solves nothing. All "problems" remain the same, and new ones are created.

For example:

1) The Arabian lands have been rendered uninhabitable for Jews;

Rabbi Mordechai Gifter, Rosh Yeshiva of Telshe Yeshiva, Cleveland, Ohio (1915-2001)

Nov 27 2012

Things have been happening lately concerning Jews. We have to know about this and we have to know how to look at these events. We have to look at them with a Jewish look - with a Jewish eye, and not the way the non-Jews look at such things.

Rabbi Boruch Kaplan, Principal of Bais Yaakov (1911-1996)

Nov 26 2012

This is a free translation of a Yiddish transcript of a taped interview made some 30 years ago with the late Rabbi Boruch Kaplan, who was a principal of the Beis Yaakov Girls School in Brooklyn, and who was a student in the Hebron yeshiva (religious sch

Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Freund, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem (1904-1996)

Nov 24 2012

Whoever votes in the election has a portion in the defiled regime. By going out to vote, they give strength to the defiled regime, a regime of heretics whose entire goal is to leave behind the holy Torah, may G-d spare us.

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchok Kahn, Toldos Ahron Rebbe (d. 1996)

Nov 23 2012

Rabbi Kahn wrote in 5754 (1994): “We always saw the constant state of war and terrorism in Eretz Yisroel as the fulfillment of the punishment of the Oaths.

Rabbi Shimon Schwab, Rabbi of Khal Adas Jeshurun (1908-1993)

Nov 22 2012

The following article, entitled "Zion or Zionism?" appeared in Mitteilungen, the bulletin of K'hal Adath Jeshurun, NYC, Adar 1-2 5736.

The United Nations has resolved by majority vote to equate Zionism with racism.

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, Rosh Yeshiva of Tiferes Yerushalayim (1895-1986)

Nov 21 2012

Regarding your question if there is a mitzvah nowadays to live in Eretz Yisroel, as the Ramban says, or if there is no mitzvah nowadays, as Rabbeinu Chaim says, quoted in Tosafos on Kesubos 110b: Most poskim hold it is a mitzvah.

Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky, Rosh Yeshiva of Torah Vodaas (1890-1986)

Nov 20 2012

“For He will see that the enemy's hand is strong, and no one is saved or supported.” (Devarim 32:36) The Gemara in Sanhedrin 97a derives from here that moshiach will not come until the Jewish people gives up on the redemption and thinks that there is no

Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzeira, the Baba Sali (1890-1984)

Nov 20 2012

Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzera, the Baba Sali, held the Satmar Rebbe and his sefer Vayoel Moshe in very high esteem.

Rabbi Shneur Kotler, Rosh Yeshiva of Beis Medrash Govoha of Lakewood (1918-1982)

Nov 18 2012

Rabbi Shneur Kotler said, “People call the Satmar Rav’s ideas a shitah, but it is not. He proves in Vayoel Moshe that this is what Shas and poskim, Rishonim and Acharonim all held. What he holds is what all gedolei Yisroel once held.

Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, Grand Rabbi of Satmar (1887-1979)

Nov 16 2012

I remember fifty or sixty years ago, many gedolei yisroel said that after all the Zionists did to undermine Jewish-gentile relations, it would be a miracle if destruction did not come upon the Jews of Europe.

Rabbi Hillel Lichtenstein, Krasner Rav (d. 1979)

Nov 15 2012

We must make known and reveal that the establishment of the State of Israel and its government is against the Torah and fundamentally wrong.