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Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.


Yom HaShoah In “Israel” - The Art Of Fabrication

Mar 08 2019

Holocaust Remembrance Day is a national holiday in “Israel”, one replete with official ceremonies which are, of course, sufficiently solemn. “Never again!” is liberally sprinkled like confetti at a parade.

Nixon Tapes Prove that Anti-Semitism and Zionism Go Hand in Hand

May 10 2023

A new batch of recordings released by the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum provides further evidence of former U.S. President Richard Nixon’s animosity toward Jews.

A World Jewish Congress Lie

Jun 20 2016

Anti-Israel but not Anti-Jew? Its a lie. At least that’s what Ronald Lauder, President of the World Jewish Congress claims it is.

TTJ Radio Show to Focus on Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism in the UK

May 13 2016

This Sunday night, May 15 from 10-11 PM, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro of True Torah Jews will be hosting a radio show on New York's 770 WABC.

21 Kislev - Who Saved the Satmar Rebbe?

Nov 30 2015

This Wednesday night, December 2, the Satmar Hasidic community, one of the largest Hasidic communities in the world, will be celebrating the 71st anniversary of the rescue of their founder, Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, from the clutches of the Nazis.

If You're Going to Blame the Mufti, Blame the Zionists

Oct 22 2015

Israeli PM Netanyahu has given a speech blaming Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, for the Holocaust.

Holocaust Memorial Day: Learning Lessons from History

Apr 23 2015

This April 15 was "Yom Hashoah," the day the State of Israel has officially set aside to remember the victims who perished in the Holocaust.

Yitzhak Gruenbaum

Jan 20 2014

"We must begin an open war against Nazi Germany without giving any consideration to the fate of the Jews in Germany", Gruenbaum said.

With Rabbi Teitelbaum in Bergen-Belsen

Jan 27 2013

This article about Rabbi Teitelbaum of Satmar was written by a Hungarian Jewish writer, Dr. Ferenz Kennedy, and published in the Hungarian newspaper, Oj Kelet in 1959 while the rabbi was visiting the Holy Land.

Have you written anything against John Hagee and his organization?

Dec 03 2012

I am very concerned with CUFI, John Hagee's oranization. I believe it will bring persecution upon the Jew and any Christian opposing it. Have you directly addressed this organization?

Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbe, author of Berach Moshe (1914-2006)

Dec 01 2012

We have all assembled today so that the speakers can explain to the audience the position ("shitah") of our holy rabbis against Zionism.

How can I help spread your ideas in Germany?

Nov 29 2012

Hello. I am very glad i have found your site.

I am German, but i found out i have Jewish Origine, by my father's side. I found it all out in the internet , my father and my family never spoke a single word about it.

Maybe the Zionists During WWII had good intentions?

Nov 28 2012

I am a secular Jew of pure blood for as long as I can trace back. Over the years I have developed more and more respect for my ancestors, and the pain they had to endure to survive, and ultimately, give me life.

Why were all Jewish funds in Zionists hands during WWII?

Nov 27 2012

I have read some of the comments here about the Zionist movement amongst worldwide Judaism.

How does one disprove the Holocaust deniers?

Nov 27 2012

Good Morning. I believe I already receive a newsletter or at least updates from time to time. (But you may check. If not, then please send.)

Sir Edwin Montagu's opposition to Zionism

Nov 27 2012

Have you considered using this clip from the British/Jewish Cabinet Minister Sir Edwin Montagu, who said in a secret memoranda (August 1917, later made public) on the subject of Zionism: