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Parsha Pearls: Parshas Bereishis

Oct 26 2011

So What If the Nations Call Us Robbers?
The Satanic Redemption

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Parsha Pearls: Parshas Noach

Oct 25 2011

When the Righteous Fail to Rebuke
G-d Speaks to Us Through Current Events
Accepting the Decree of the King
Not For Us to Avenge

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Lech Lecha

Oct 24 2011

Lot: The First Zionist
We Have No Other Desire But You
Efes Biltecha Goaleinu

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Vayeira

Oct 23 2011

There Were No Protests in Sodom
Faith Despite Our Many Questions
Obedience, Not Logic
Avraham's Test and Our Test

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Chayei Sarah

Oct 22 2011

Taking Money From the Wicked
Did the Land Belong to Avraham?
When the Unholy Has a Holy Name
When the Wicked Make Concessions

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Toldos

Oct 21 2011

Living Under the Zionist State
The Worst Zionists are the Religious Zionists
Yitzchok Loved Esav

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Vayeitzei

Oct 20 2011

Not Letting the Wicked Build Us
There are Some Things We Don’t Even Joke About
"Zionists" Against Zionism

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Vayishlach

Oct 19 2011

Never Put All Your Eggs in One Basket
The Satan Calls Himself "Israel"
Another Reason for the Diaspora
Bow Your Head to the Wave

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Vayeishev

Oct 18 2011

A Sin for the Sake of Heaven
Who Will Support My Children?

And they hated him, and could not speak to him peacefully. (37:4)

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Mikeitz

Oct 17 2011

Confronting Leaders
Moshiach Ben Yosef

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Vayigash

Oct 16 2011

The Holy Tongue or Modern Hebrew?
Don’t Straddle Both Sides of the Fence
Zionists Endanger the Jewish People

"And behold, your eyes and the eyes of my brother Binyamin see that it is my mouth speaking to you." (45:12)

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Vayechi

Oct 15 2011

The Zionists Are Nourished From the Yeshivos
Jews Have No Authority During Exile
Let Us Gather Together
The Comfortable Exile

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Shemos

Oct 14 2011

The Meaning of Vayoel Moshe
Exile Means Subservience to G-d
The Wicked Son
Ingathering the Exiles

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Va'eira

Oct 13 2011

Why Did the Fish Have to Suffer?
The Lesson of the Hamotzi Blessing
Don’t Antagonize the Nations in Exile

And G-d spoke to Moshe, and said to him, "I am Hashem." (6:2)

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Bo

Oct 12 2011

Natruna Means Waiting Patiently
Don’t Come In Unless You’re Invited
Purifying the Fiftieth Gate
The Difference Between the Exodus and the Future Redemption

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Beshalach

Oct 11 2011

The Zionist Leaders are Amalek
Religious MKs Lend Legitimacy to the Government
Judaism Versus Idolatry
Leaving Egyptian Exile Early

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Yisro

Oct 10 2011

One Must Have a Rebbe
Don’t Be a Blind Follower
The Danger of Heretical Thoughts
Make Clear What You’re Protesting Against

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Mishpatim

Oct 09 2011

It’s Our Vote that Counts in Heaven!
The Insane Call the Sane Insane
The Meaning of the Sapphire Brick
When We Don’t Follow a Majority

And he shall surely heal. (21:19)

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Terumah

Oct 08 2011

I Am the Real King Solomon!
Building the Temple Without Moshiach
Heretics Destroy the Temple

And they shall make Me a Sanctuary, and I shall dwell in their midst.” (25:8)

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Tetzaveh

Oct 07 2011

Fighting a Defensive War

And you shall put into the breastplate of judgment the Urim and the Tumim (28:7)