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Questions on the Three Oaths

How do you respond to Rabbi Yitzchak Brand?
The Three Oaths: Claims and Facts
A Response to Rabbi Gil Student
A Response to Rabbi Shlomo Aviner
What defines today as exile? Why can't the State of Israel qualify as exile?
How does Zionism contrast with what the messiah will do?
What do you think of Rabbi Frand's taped lecture on returning the territories?
If a Jewish state is forbidden, what about the Maccabees?
Maybe "mass aliyah" means more than half of the Jewish people, and thus Zionism did not violate the oath.
Maybe the oaths are anulled because G-d regrets them as per Succah 52b
Interdepedence of oaths, the success of the state, protecting the Jews of Eretz Yisroel, and Aggadah
Are the Oaths of the Jewish People Dependent on the Gentiles Keeping Their Oath?
The oaths should be permitted due to the Chillul Hashem created when the gentiles persecute us.
Living in Chutz Laaretz is a Chillul Hashem
Why do you say that the Zionists established a state by force? The UN gave it to them.
How do you answer those who say the UN gave it to us? And how can Zionists go against the Chofetz Chaim?
What are your thoughts on the Jewish Autonomous Oblast?
The Three Oaths are Agadah and therefore not binding.
If Jews are not allowed to have their own government, then what about the Vaad Arbah Aratzot or Nasiim?
How can the Three Oaths be halacha if the Ramban says it is a mitzvah to conquer Eretz Yisroel?
Rabbi Chaim Vital wrote that the oaths were in effect only for 1000 years after the destruction of the Temple.
Doesn't the Rambam's omission of the oaths show that he did not consider them halacha?
How will moshiach fulfill the Rambam's criteria without violating the oaths?
How do I answer my rabbi's argument based on Cyrus' proclamation?
What do we say to religious Zionists who quote the Rambam that moshiach will not make miracles?
Would the oaths be permitted according to someone who believes that the Lubavitcher Rebbe is moshiach?
Is mass Jewish immigration allowed under a gentile government?
How can G-d make an oath against the mitzvah of living in Eretz Yisroel?
Where in the Torah does it say that Jews may not establish a state anywhere in the world?
When did Jews take over by force? Didn't the Palestinians leave on their own, so that Jews had the majority?
Why do you teach the Three Oaths to the non-Jewish world?