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What do we say to religious Zionists who quote the Rambam that moshiach will not make miracles?


Dear Rabbi,

How will the redemption come?
the religious zionist say that before the mosiach's coming, jews should establish jewish sovereignty in the holy land,they based on the Rambam.
They said that the moshiach should not make miracles, however, jews have establish state on their own hands even if they are secularists,is it true?

Yitzchok ben Moshe

Dear Yitzchok,

The Rambam says that moshiach will not need to do any miracles to prove that he is moshiach. But certainly moshiach needs to come in order for the redemption to begin. We cannot start gathering the exiles, building a Jewish state, even a religious one, or rebuilding the Temple before moshiach comes; that is a violation of the oaths.

Even if someone today were to claim to be moshiach, we would not accept his claim unless he fulfilled the condition stated by the Rambam (in Melachim 11:4) to have "chezkas moshiach" (the assumption of being moshiach), to bring the entire Jewish people to teshuva. This may not be an open miracle but it is such a monumental task that no false moshiach has ever or will ever accomplish it.