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Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Questions on Rabbis and Jewish Texts

The Bible

Does Genesis 12:3 mean that Christians must support Zionism?
What about the issur of lo sechanem? (Deuteronomy 7:2)
What is the meaning of Jeremiah 30:3?
How do you understand Ezekiel (36:32) who says that exile is a chillul hashem?
Didn't G-d give the land of Israel to the Jews according to Ezekiel?
How do you explain Joel's prophecy about dividing the land?
What is the meaning of Daniel 11:14?

The Talmud

Do whatever the host says except leave (Pesachim 86b) teaches that we should long to be in Hashem's presence, not in golus.
Don't the Zionists have a Gaonic source to understand Yevamos 62b to mean that Rabbi Akiva's students died in battle?
If we cannot assist the building of the Land, how can we pray for redemption?
Why do you pronounce guilt on the Jewish people? You should try to find a limud zechus as in Makos 7a.
Could memsheles zadon in the Yamim Noraim prayers refer to the Zionists?
Do True Torah Jews and Zionists respect the same Scriptures?

The Rambam

Why do you claim that the Rambam makes teshuva a prerequisite for geulah?
You claim we are in golus - but the Rambam makes no distinctions based on an "era of golus" but rather based on whether we have power.
How will moshiach force Jews to keep the Torah? Will all Jews have to do teshuva?

Other Books

What are the Kabbalistic sources against Zionism?
What do you say about the Kol Hator?
What do you think of the Eim Habonim Smeicha?
When and where were the oaths accepted by the Jewish people?


Which Sephardic rabbis support you?
Rabbi Kanievsky and the Ban on Arab Labor
How should we react to Rabbi Kanievsky's ban on Arab labor?
Why did you write that Rabbi Avi Shafran is driven by Zionist ideology?
What about Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef who permits hallel?
Why did Rabbi Teitelbaum hate the Zionists if they saved his life?
Was the Vilna Gaon a Zionist?
Which rabbis alive today do you consult and follow?
Why did sages like Rav Shach get into Israeli politics?
What is the Satmar Rav's source that state will not last?
What do you say about the Breslov organization "Shuvu Bonim" led by Rabbi Berland?
Didn't gedolim like Rabbi Moshe Feinstein and Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky give honor to Menachem Begin?
Didn't the Hazon Ish come to Israel and vote?
Didn't Rabbi Chaim Sonenfeld say that we can see the hand of G-d in Zionism?
How could Zionists and anti-Zionists revere the same Talmud?
I've seen the Chofetz Chaim and the Ohr Somayach quoted as pro-Zionists.
If Zionism is wrong, why did Hashem make the land sprout due to Zionist labours?
What did Rabbi Avigdor Miller say about Zionism?
Was the Avnei Nezer anti-Zionist or pro-Zionist?