Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

I Will Await Him: Comprehensive Book on Zionism Published

Sep 16 2018

We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited book, I Will Await Him (אחכה לו), presenting all the traditional Jewish sources on the subjects of exile, redemption, Eretz Yisroel and Jewish statehood, is now hot off the press and available in Judaica stores.

The Nation-State Law is a False Claim

Aug 26 2018

Recently, the State of Israel enacted a law proclaiming itself the ‘nation-state’ of all Jews on planet earth, regardless of nationality.

Torah Jews believes this declaration to be wrong and unlawful.

Orthodox Jewish Educational Event in Nassau Coliseum

Jun 01 2018

There was no classroom big enough, so they rented a stadium.

Masses of authentic Torah Jews are expected to fill the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum to capacity this Sunday at 4:00 PM to hear major rabbis lecture on the incompatibility of Judaism and Zionism.

Anti-Zionism Does Not Equal Anti-Semitism

Nov 15 2017

The presence of Anti-Semitism on college campuses was vehemently debated at a congressional hearing last week to examine the viability of the proposed “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” – conceived to formally identify the language used in such an act, and to aid in the investigati

Dear Friend of the Jewish People...

Oct 01 2017

The following article was submitted by our friend Reb Amrom Friedman.

"Unity" or Oppression of Opinion?

Sep 15 2017

“What’s wrong with you people?! Why do you tear down other Jews instead of building them up? We have to be united.”

Translation: “How dare you disagree with us?! Why do you tear down our ideology instead of blindly agreeing with us? We can’t allow any dissent.”

Yelling "Bomb!" In A Crowded Theatre

Sep 04 2017

“Israel’s” Chief Sephardic Rabbi, Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar, recently issued a condemnation of those who visit the Har HaBayis (Temple Mount), adding his name to a long list of rabbis, both Zionist and Anti-Zionist, who have stated in no uncertain terms that visiting the site is

Fortess "Israel"

Sep 04 2017

That Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t plan on evacuating any of his country’s illegal settlements isn’t shocking. We all sort of knew that was his stance, even if he wouldn’t have given us none-too-subtle hints from time to time.

The Zionist Nationality Versus the Religion of Judaism

Aug 21 2017

August 12th’s “Unite the Right” rally was, from its inception, a tragedy. A tragedy of violence. A tragedy of people unable to cope with their lives and therefore looking for a fitting scapegoat.

On The Rebbe's Yarhzeit...

Aug 18 2017

This Friday marks the anniversary of the passing of the Satmar Rebbe (Grand Rabbi), z”l. His leadership spanned over 70 years and four continents, enriching the lives of thousands and giving hope to a world seemingly struck down.

The Zionist Majority?

Aug 07 2017

”Sanity is not statistical – Being in a minority, even a minority of one, did not make you mad.”

Winston Smith, 1984 (George Orwell)

What Are We Mourning?

Jul 31 2017

This week, Jews of all stripes will observe TIsha B’av, the saddest day in the Jewish calendar, a day of fasting and mourning over the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple. What are they mourning?

Too High a Price?

Jul 31 2017

The July 21st fatal stabbings of Yosef Salomon, 70, his daughter Chaya, 46, and his son Elad, 36 is one more tragedy added to a seemingly never-ending list. The dead and maimed keep piling up but the Zionist dream seems alive and well, impervious to truth’s brutal onslaught.

"Ultra-Orthodox" a Verbal Scapegoat

Jul 28 2017

The term “ultra-Orthodox” is, by design, a weapon of invalidation. The “ultra-Orthodox” refer to themselves as “Haredim” literally “those who tremble (before G-d)”. It’s meant as a goal to which one should aspire to.

Two Different Faiths

Jul 16 2017

“Israel’s” state rabbinate recently released a list of 160 people whose certifications of Jewish identity are not recognized.

This Land is Our Land: Jewish Loyalty to their Home State

Jul 04 2017

As the United States celebrates the 241st anniversary of its founding, it seems an appropriate time to address a hackneyed conspiracy theory. That of Jewish dual loyalty.

The Frumkin Commission

Jun 28 2017

January 17th, 1950, marked the establishment of a commission to investigate one of the most sordid scandals in Israeli history.

From Jew to Israeli – In Quest of the “Other”

Jun 19 2017

“The new Israeli identity’s opposition to Jewish tradition is amply documented; it explains why the hostility to Judaism often encountered in Israel is unparalleled in the Diaspora.

Shavous - The Making of a Nation

Jun 02 2017

“Israel is a nation and became a nation only through and for the Torah;  it possessed land and statehood only as instruments for translating the Torah into living reality:  This is why Israel was a people even before it possessed land and statehood; this too is why Israel surv

Jerusalem Day - Profaning The Holy

May 29 2017

Jerusalem, the Eternal City, one which fires the imagination of billions across the globe. A place where celestial meets terrestrial. A heavenly city.


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