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Parsha Pearls: Parshas Vezos Habracha

Aug 28 2011

Loyalty to the Government
Israel Will Never Again Arise On Her Own

Parsha Pearls: Chanukah

Aug 27 2011

The Dangers of Blind Faith
No Compromise
Light the Menorah, Don’t Fight a War
Don’t Be a Closet Anti-Zionist

A man may not go out on Shabbos wearing a nailed sandal (Shabbos 60a).

Parsha Pearls: Purim

Aug 26 2011

Be Killed Rather Than Violate the Oaths
They Can’t Admit Eretz Yisroel is a Dangerous Place
He Who Creates Danger and Then Saves You From It
Following Daas Torah

Parsha Pearls: Pesach

Aug 25 2011

Brisker Rav and Chazon Ish on the Oaths
When Excessive Prayer Becomes Permitted
Two Reasons Why We Eat Matza

Parsha Pearls: The Counting of the Omer

Aug 24 2011

The period of Sefiras Haomer is linked in our history with the story of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, whose yartzeit is on Lag Baomer.

Parsha Pearls: Shavuos

Aug 23 2011

The Severity of an Oath
The Danger of the Zionist Language
Living in the Holy Land During Exile

Parsha Pearls: Tisha B'av

Aug 22 2011

Consulting the Gedolim
Hashem Holds the Keys
The Latter-day Biryonim
Miracles for the Wicked

Hashem is righteous, but I rebelled against His mouth. (Eichah 1:18)

Parsha Pearls: Rosh Hashanah

Aug 21 2011

No Redemption Without Repentance
Avraham - Not Iyov - Gave Honor to G-d

When Rosh Hashanah fell on Shabbos, they would blow shofar in the Temple but not anywhere else. (Mishnah Rosh Hashanah 4:1)

Parsha Pearls: Yom Kippur

Aug 20 2011

Why Hungarian Rabbis Didn't Join Agudah

The kohein gadol performed five immersions and ten hand-washings on Yom Kippur. (Yuma Chapter 3, Mishnah 3)

Parsha Pearls: Succos

Aug 19 2011

Why there is no nun in Ashrei

Hashem caused this to come about, it is wondrous in our eyes. (Hallel, Tehillim 118:23)

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Parah

Aug 19 2011

One who touches a dead human body will be unclean for seven days; he must purify himself with [the ashes of the red heifer] on the third day, and on the seventh day [at nightfall] he will become clean. (Bamidbar 19:11-12)

Parshas Pearls: Shabbos Shuvah

Aug 18 2011

For the ways of Hashem are straight, the righteous walk in them, and the sinners stumble in them. (Hoshea 14:10)

Parsha Pearls: Shabbos Rosh Chodesh

Aug 18 2011

Who ever heard anything like this? Who ever saw anything like these things? Can a land go through labor in one day? Can a nation be born all at once? For Zion has gone into labor and born her children. (Haftarah, Yishaya 66:8)