Supreme Court Rules Against Right to List “Israel” as Birthplace

June 9, 2015

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued its decision on Zivotofsky v. Kerry, striking down a law passed by Congress in 2002 under which US citizens born in Jerusalem would have the right to request that the State Department list “Israel” as their birthplace. The court ruled 6-3 that Congress overstepped its bounds when it passed the law, because the law would have interfered with the president’s power to recognize sovereignty of foreign countries.

American Jewry wants to hear from US Presidential candidates about American interests, not foreign interests

As the 2016 presidential race gets into motion, Torah Jews are concerned about the fact that some of the candidates, when addressing Orthodox Jewish audiences, have made a point of voicing their support for the State of Israel above all other issues.

For example, Ted Cruz said in a phone call during his first swing through Iowa as a presidential candidate, “I share a great many values with the Jewish community and the Orthodox community. Chief among them is a passionate dedication to strengthening our friendship and alliance with the nation of Israel.”


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