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Letter to the UN Signed by Rabbi Uri Blau

This letter was written to the President of the United Nations Security Council on behalf of Orthodox Jews in the Holy Land prior to the recognition of the Zionist state wishing to call itself "Israel".

And for the sake of Jerusalem I shall not remain silent. Isaiah 61.

His Excellency,
The President
Security Council
United Nations, NY

The recent declaration by the Zionist regime regarding the status of Jerusalem is a grave step away from peace and towards further violence and gives us cause to reiterate our position and our request for the guarantee and existence of the Orthodox Jewish community in the Holy Land.

On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Jews in the entire world and on behalf of tens of thousands of Orthodox Jewish inhabitants of the Holy Land and in particular those of the Holy City of Jerusalem, we submit the following appeal regarding the status of Jerusalem for your Excellency's consideration. These proposals have been formulated by our rabbis in the past and brought to the attention of the United Nations Organization continuously since 1947. All the outstanding Torah scholars of our time are in agreement with these requests as presented to the United Nations by Rabbi Joseph Zvi Dushinsky, Chief Rabbi of the Holly Land, Rabbi Amrom Blau and Rabbi Aron Katzenellenbogen. (United Nations General Assembly A/Ac. 14/44, 25th of November 1947 and United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine Committee on Jerusalem - Com. Jer. W.30, 2nd August 1949.)

In general, Orthodox Jewry was opposed to the formation of a Jewish state in Palestine and especially a state placed under the jurisdiction of Zionists. Evidence to this effect was presented to the United Nations Special Commission during its sessions on July 16, 1947 by Chief Rabbi Joseph Zvi Dushinsky and Rabbi Zelig Reuven Bengis. When the United Nations voted for partition, Orthodox Jewry under the leadership of Rabbi Dushinsky requested that at the very least, Jerusalem not be included in the Zionist state.

Rabbis Dushinsky, Blau, and Katzenellenbogen advocated, as recorded in the above documents that:

A) the city which is sacred to all the nations should remain unique and be above all national interests of all people by immediately proclaiming Jerusalem an international city and its citizens under the protection of the United Nations

B) all parties accept the position that the Holy City be considered neutral. A Greater Jerusalem, given the status of an international zone by international agreement, is the surest guarantee for its neutrality. All efforts should be directed to assure that in this Holy City there should be implemented the unity of international brotherhood towards all Mankind, and to prevent the underlying causes for disharmony and animosity, and to assure the rule of pure G-dliness and religious worship to all who dwell in this city.

C) most definitely not to include any part of Jerusalem in the Zionist State or any state and not to divide the Holy City into separate entities. Any form of division and splitting up of Jerusalem will have the effect of underscoring the differences between races and religions, which contradicts the principles of harmony, tolerance and brotherhood of the inhabitants and imperils the peace of the city. Jerusalem must unify all of its residents. By guaranteeing these points there is every reason to believe that the Holy City shall be the seat of peace, security and international brotherhood.

The Zionist state has usurped without any justification, the holy name of Israel. Torah true Jews wish to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors and with the community of nations and deplore the policies carried out by those who misuse the name of Israel.

We further declare that the Jewish people do not want to impinge upon the rest of the inhabitants of the Holy Land and they certainly do not want to contest the rights of the other inhabitants to the places held by them.

Therefore, in order to avoid further bloodshed and in the interest of peace, we, as citizens of Jerusalem, beg Your Excellency to:

A) appoint a responsible person or persons from among the members of the United Nations whose duty it will be to protect the rights and interests of Orthodox Jews and all other inhabitants of our Holy City: and to

B) declare immediate United Nations sovereignty over Jerusalem -- holy to all mankind -- which, would clearly be superior to Zionist domination of all the people -- Jewish and Arab -- in the Holy City.

We would appreciate if Your Excellency brought this appeal to the members of the Security Council.

Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurances of our highest esteem.

Rabbi Uri Blau
Neturei Karta