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Memorandum on Jerusalem, by Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky, November 1947

Oct 09 2011

The Question of Jerusalem

MEMORANDUM ON JERUSALEM by Chief Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky

Letter to the UN Signed by Rabbi Uri Blau

Oct 09 2011

This letter was written to the President of the United Nations Security Council on behalf of Orthodox Jews in the Holy Land prior to the recognition of the Zionist state wishing to call itself "Israel".

Supreme Court Decides to Hear Case on Jerusalem Passport

May 04 2011

The U.S. Supreme Court announced Monday that it will hear the appeal of a U.S. citizen born in Jerusalem whose parents want Israel listed as his country of birth on his passport.

Brooklyn Congressman Pushes Zionist Agenda

Dec 31 2010

In a recent op-ed in the Zionist newspaper “The Jewish Press”, Congressman Anthony Weiner, whose district in Brooklyn and Queens, NY includes several large Jewish communities, writes:

In what country were you born?

Jews Against Zionism Kicks Off Ad Campaign in Washington Post

May 02 2010

Jews Against Zionism placed an ad in the Sunday, May 2 edition of the Washington Post, in the Political Outlook section, expressing their position regarding American policies on the Middle East conflict.

Administration Criticizes Zionist Advertisements; Orthodox Jews Plan Response

Apr 25 2010

United States administration officials have voiced harsh criticism over advertisements in favor of Israel's position on Jerusalem that appeared in the U.S. press with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's encouragement.

Rabbi Warns Jerusalem Mayor to Listen to the United States

Apr 07 2010

On Sunday, April 4, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat paid a visit to Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, a prominent rabbi of the Ashkenazic haredi community of Jerusalem, at his home in Meah Shearim in honor of the Jewish festival of Pesach.

Zionist Rally and Concert Draws 5,000

Mar 30 2008

Approximately 5,000 people attended Jerusalem United, a rally and concert to keep Jerusalem completely under Israeli sovereignty, held on Sunday, March 23, 2008 at The Armory in the Washington Heights section of New York City.

Lupolianski Announces Major Construction in East Jerusalem

Jan 24 2008

Jerusalem City Hall said it will build 40,000 new apartments in the city, including eastern Jerusalem, in the next decade.

Young Israel Focuses on Zionism

Jan 20 2008

The National Council of Young Israel, an umbrella body for 150 modern Orthodox congregations throughout North America, urged followers to focus on Jerusalem this past Sabbath.

Orthodox Zionist Union Urges Jews to Call White House

Jan 10 2008

One of the largest religious Zionist organizations in America, the Orthodox Union (OU), has posted the following message on its website.

Action Alert: Keep Jerusalem United

Former Chief Rabbi Says Peace Plan Goes Against Will of G-d

Jan 10 2008

In a letter handed to US President George Bush Thursday, former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu admonished the US president to avoid any course of action that would harm the Jewish nation.

Zionists Plan Defiant Har Homa Construction For Bush Visit

Dec 27 2007

Zionist activists are planning a grand display of defiance for the upcoming visit of US President George W. Bush to Israel, who is hoping to push plans to partition the land.

Agudah Breaks From Tradition

Nov 29 2007

The Forward reports:

An ultra-Orthodox umbrella organization spoke out at its annual conference against the division of Jerusalem, marking the first time that the traditionally non-Zionist body has taken a public stance on the peace process.

Lupolianski: "We Are the Real Zionists"

Nov 27 2007

At the Saturday night session of the 85th convention of Agudath Israel of America, the mayor of Jerusalem, Uri Lupolianski, addressed the crowd.

Agudath Israel Adopts Zionist Resolution

Nov 26 2007

As expected, the Agudath Israel convention this past weekend produced a resolution advocating continued Zionist control over Jerusalem, citing "considerations of security as well as the singular place Jerusalem has always occupied in Jewish religious an

Agudah Convention Expected to Take Zionist Position

Nov 23 2007

Recent political developments in the State of Israel and the upcoming Annapolis meeting of Middle-Eastern leaders and American President George W.

New Knesset Law Will Prevent Peace

Nov 15 2007

The Knesset passed the first reading of a bill initiated by Likud Knesset Member Gideon Sa'ar, which requires a two-thirds majority of Knesset Members (MKs) to change the status of Jerusalem.

Religious Zionists Demonstrate Against Annapolis Summit

Nov 05 2007

Knesset Members, Zionist rabbis and leaders of the council of Jewish communities in the West Bank in addressed thousands of Jews Sunday night protesting against discussions being held between U.S.

Modern Orthodox Zionists Unite in Protest Against Israeli Concessions On Jerusalem

Oct 24 2007

A coalition of Modern Orthodox American Jewish groups has formed to protest against possible Israeli concessions to the Palestinian Authority at the upcoming Annapolis conference.