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Nachal Chareidi

As IDF Prepares to Draft Religious Jews, Agudah Searches for Solutions

Jan 02 2014

While the Israeli government's Shaked Committee continues efforts to finalize a new Orthodox draft law, the IDF is moving ahead with preparations for a large chareidi induction.

Nahal Haredi Hangs Posters In Religious Neighborhoods

Nov 16 2011

In an effort to counter increased draft dodging, the heads of the Nahal Haredi battalion have begun an aggressive campaign to recruit yeshiva students who are not up to the task of a full Talmud study schedule.

Zionist Army Enlists More Yeshiva Dropouts

Nov 11 2007

A group of 40 religious men have joined the Israeli Air Force. The men have reportedly received training in areas such as aircraft maintenance, mechanics and the arming of fighter jets and helicopters.