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The Status Quo Agreement, and Why Agudah Didn’t Advocate Against a State

Jul 25 2021

Recently the newspapers Hamodia (6/9/2021) and Yated Neeman (6/25/2021) have published accounts of the “Status Quo” agreement reached between Agudath Israel and the Zionists in summer of 1947, in which the Zionist leadership made four promises relating to religion in the state

Burn The House Down

Jan 02 2017

Secretary of State John Kerry’s address following a UN Security Council resolution vote declaring Israeli settlements illegal could have seemed unremarkably pedestrian if it weren’t for the twilight zone which Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has created in the resolution’s wa

The Current Violence in the Holy Land, and the Path to Peace

Oct 21 2015

Over the last few weeks, we have seen a shocking surge in violence in the Holy Land Innocent people on both the Jewish and Palestinian side have been killed and wounded This new wave of murderous acts is a disaster - Following the news, even seeing the pictures, shakes every p

Israeli Leader Greeted With High-Profile Ads by American Jews

Oct 01 2013

As Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in Washington this week to visit with President Obama, and New York to speak to the United Nations General Assembly, American Orthodox Jews have responded with an ad in Wednesday's (Oct.

What is the solution to the problem of Zionism?

Dec 24 2012

I am an American currently in Israel, trying to understand God's plan here. I wonder what your organization thinks of the current situation in the West Bank.

Maybe Zionism is right because G-d inspired the Jews to do it.

Dec 09 2012

Dear Rabbi,

Does not the Talmud say "come and see what the people have to say." Sometimes in the spiritial movement of the people there is great divine inspiration.

Ephraim L.

Letter by Rabbi Amram Blau and Rabbi Aharon Katzenellenbogen, July 1949

Oct 24 2011

Petition to the United Nations 1949
Memorandum of the Neturei Karta to the Secretary General of the United Nations on the question of Jerusalem dated July 18, 1949.

Telegram by Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky

Oct 24 2011

Communications received by Ad Hoc Palestine Committee,
November 18, 1947
To the Secretary General of the United Nations Lake Success:


Oct 24 2011

July 16, 1947

Taken from the United Nations Trusteeship Library


The ancient right of the People of Israel to the land of Israel.

Letter to the UN Signed by Rabbi Uri Blau

Oct 09 2011

This letter was written to the President of the United Nations Security Council on behalf of Orthodox Jews in the Holy Land prior to the recognition of the Zionist state wishing to call itself "Israel".

Religious Jews Look to UN for Refuge from Zionist Draft

Jan 17 2011

On Friday, Jan. 7, Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he would submit a proposal to increase the number of haredim drafted into the Zionist army.