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Rabbi Yitzchok Tovia Weiss

Eidah Chareidis Holds Massive Rally to Encourage Jews to Boycott Israeli Elections

Mar 16 2015

On Sunday, March 8, the Eidah Chareidis, the anti-Zionist community of Jerusalem, held a rally at which several prominent rabbis spoke against voting in the upcoming Israeli election this March 17.

Anti-Zionist School System Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Jun 25 2008

About four thousand yeshiva boys, grades 5 through 9, gathered Monday, June 23 in the hot Jerusalem sun to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Keren Hatzolah, an educational system belonging to the most anti-Zionist stream of Orthodox

Rabbis Freed, Placed Under House Arrest

Aug 15 2007

The three Jews who were imprisoned by the Zionist police for protesting in Beis Shemesh were freed Wednesday, August 8.