Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Grave Desecration

True Torah Jews Hold Car Picketing in Melbourne, Australia

Jul 20 2010

True Torah Jews' branch in Melbourne, Australia held a car picketing on Tuesday, July 20, to protest the Zionist state and the recent digging in Jaffa.

Speech by Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, July 6, 2010

Jul 06 2010

Chosheve rabbonim, teiereh chasidim, people of the press, friends, and enemies, We are assembled here this afternoon, in the capitol of this malchus shel chesed, to raise our voices in a chorus of condemnation against the religious persecution of our Je

True Torah Jews of Canada Demonstrate in Ottawa

Jul 01 2010

On Monday, June 21, a large demonstration of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews took place in front of the Israeli Embassy in Ottawa. The demonstrators protested the ongoing destruction by the Israeli government of an ancient Jewish cemetery in Jaffa.

CRC Calls Massive Protest Against Digging in Jaffa

Jun 15 2010

On Monday, June 14, the Zionist government continued bulldozing an ancient Jewish cemetery in Jaffa to make room for a hotel parking lot.

True Torah Jews Stage Massive Protest in Manhattan

Jun 10 2010

On Monday, May 31, anti-Zionist Jews took to the streets of Manhattan to protest against grave desecration in Ashkelon and Jaffa.

Demonstrations to be Held in New York and Washington

May 30 2010

A large demonstration of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews is scheduled to take place on Monday, May 31 at 3:30 PM in front of the Israeli Consulate at 800 2nd Avenue in Manhattan.

Orthodox Jews Protest Destruction of Ashkelon Cemetery by Zionist Government

May 16 2010

The Israeli government has proceeded with plans to enlarge the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon by destroying an ancient cemetery.

Zionist Police Arrest Anti-Zionist Printer

Aug 23 2007

This week Israeli police arrested Binyamin Mayerovitz, owner of a printing company, on the grounds that he had printed anti-police incitement material.

Questions and Answers Regarding Protest on April 28, 2005

Apr 28 2005

Questions and Answers Concerning Protest Outside the Israeli Consulate, 28 April 2005
New York City, April 28, 2005
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