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George W. Bush

Is the power of Zionism being exaggerated?

Dec 26 2012

Dear Rabbi,

I hope, you are well.
As you remember, we've done a interview with you last year (04-01-2007) on behalf of www.haber10.com from Turkey.

Former Chief Rabbi Says Peace Plan Goes Against Will of G-d

Jan 10 2008

In a letter handed to US President George Bush Thursday, former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu admonished the US president to avoid any course of action that would harm the Jewish nation.

Zionist Rabbi Thanks President Bush for War in Iraq

Jan 10 2008

During a short verbal exchange yesterday at the Ben Gurion Airport Terminal, Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger thanked President George Bush for the US's military intervention in Iraq.

Zionists Plan Defiant Har Homa Construction For Bush Visit

Dec 27 2007

Zionist activists are planning a grand display of defiance for the upcoming visit of US President George W. Bush to Israel, who is hoping to push plans to partition the land.

United States Promises Zionists $3 Billion a Year

Aug 17 2007

The United States offered Israel on Thursday an unprecedented $30-billion military aid package, bolstering its closest Mideast ally.

An Open Letter To President Bush

Sep 21 2003

Published in the Washington Post, October 5, 2003

Torah True Jews, Inc.
September 21, 2003

Dear Honorable President George W. Bush: