Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Sinas Chinam

Why don't you show love for your Jewish brethren?

Jul 11 2012

Dear Rabbi,

I was looking on the Internet for information on zionism. Then I found this site, and I was shocked to see what was written in it. As a Jewish teenager, my concern for the division of the Jewish people grows ever stronger.

Why do you pour out your abuse on Zionism? It has no immediate influence over halacha.

Jul 10 2012

Your website breaks my heart. Where in all of this is 'vohavtoh l'reachoh c'mochoh'? You disgard as many great and commendable Rabbonim as you praise, in your effort to prove your point.

Why not work on ending Sinas Chinom instead of writing against Zionism?

Jul 09 2012

The following I wrote to you in the past, Since you did not respond to me I believe That you had nothing to answer, in that case, how about you stop sending around your missionary believes
to those who dont fall for your Shtusim