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The 5th of Iyar - When The Sky Turned Black

Apr 30 2017

“Our revolution is directed not only against a system but against destiny, against the unique destiny of a unique people.”
David Ben-Gurion

The Zionist Independence Day Is A Day Of Mourning And Fasting

May 13 2016

(Caption: Orthodox Jews in the Holy Land protest on a previous year's Zionist independence day. Sign reads: "We mourn 64 years of Zionist rebellion against G-d and His Torah.")

If Jews are not allowed to have their own government, then what about the Vaad Arbah Aratzot or Nasiim?

Aug 29 2012

Is it intrinsically problematic to have a Jewish government that isn't a monarchy appointed by Hashem. If so, then how did the Vaad Arbah Aratzot (Council of the Four Lands) or Nasiim rule permissably?