Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.


Maybe Zionism is right because G-d inspired the Jews to do it.

Dec 09 2012

Dear Rabbi,

Does not the Talmud say "come and see what the people have to say." Sometimes in the spiritial movement of the people there is great divine inspiration.

Ephraim L.

Living in Chutz Laaretz is a Chillul Hashem

Sep 10 2012

Dear Rabbi,

LIVING in Chutz laaretz is a great Chliull hashem.

And this is what the Naavi says chapter yehezkel 36 verses 20.21

Interdepedence of oaths, the success of the state, protecting the Jews of Eretz Yisroel, and Aggadah

Jul 26 2012

To Whom It May Concern -

I first want to genuinely thank you for your website. I am an observant ba'al teshuva attorney that had no idea about any of these issues until recently.

How do I answer my rabbi's argument based on Cyrus' proclamation?

Jul 26 2012

Dear, Shalom Rabbi,

The following is an email response from my Rabbi after I showed him your website. What is your response to this position?

If the state is against Hashem's will, why did He give them success?

Jul 26 2012

Dear Rabbi:

Please understand that I am asking this question respectfully, for information only.

How do you know the Zionist state wasn't send by G-d to save the Jews?

Jul 23 2012

A man was drowning and he began to pray to G-d and beg to be saved. A boat appeared from nowhere offering to take him onboard. The man said, "no! G-d will save me." Then the boat sank and he drowned.