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What do you think of Rabbi Frand's taped lecture on returning the territories?

Jul 11 2012

Dear Rabbi,

In your news section you have written a lot recently about the Agudah advocating Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem. You characterized this as a departure from Agudah's traditional views.

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Behar

Sep 22 2011

Can Living in the Zionist State Be Considered Exile?

And if his hand was not able to produce enough [money] to return to him, then his field will be in the buyer’s hand until the Yovel year. (25:28)

Zionists Angry Over Orthodox Willingness to Trade With Gaza

Oct 09 2007

The Zionist Minister of Agriculture, Shalom Simchon, met with National Religious Party leaders earlier this week, and launched an attack on the ultra-Orthodox establishment, saying they had "declared a cultural war on Israel" and "attempted to yield pro