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Rabbi Avigdor Miller

What did Rabbi Avigdor Miller say about Zionism?

Dec 07 2012

I knew Rabbi Avigdor Miller personally and even twice had a Pesach seder hosted by him and his Rebbitzen. He was known to be an anti-zionist - can you quote me any of his statements on the subject of zionism?

Yosef N.

Rabbi Avigdor Miller, Rav of Bais Yisroel Torah Center (1908-2001)

Nov 28 2012

The State of Israel solves nothing. All "problems" remain the same, and new ones are created.

For example:

1) The Arabian lands have been rendered uninhabitable for Jews;

Living in Chutz Laaretz is a Chillul Hashem

Sep 10 2012

Dear Rabbi,

LIVING in Chutz laaretz is a great Chliull hashem.

And this is what the Naavi says chapter yehezkel 36 verses 20.21

How does Zionism contrast with what the messiah will do?

Sep 07 2012

In one of your responses, you said that zionism is an attempt to return
the Jewish kindom on our own, without waiting for the Messiah.

How can you say Zionism caused the Holocaust?

Jul 06 2012

Are You hashem? How can you possibly attempt to give a reason why the holocaust happended?? We have NO idea why things happen to different people at different times.

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