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Rabbi Yissachar Shlomo Teichtal

Have you written anything against John Hagee and his organization?

Dec 03 2012

I am very concerned with CUFI, John Hagee's oranization. I believe it will bring persecution upon the Jew and any Christian opposing it. Have you directly addressed this organization?

A Response to Rabbi Gil Student

Aug 29 2012

Fyi, in Shul today, someone brought to my attention a 35 page essay written by Rabbi Gil Student. It was taken off of his blog (title of blog is Torahmusings.com).

What do you think of the Eim Habonim Smeicha?

Jul 09 2012

I am not interseted in debate I only have one question. What do you think of the sefer, "Eim Habonim Smecha?"