Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

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True Torah Jews Ad to Run on Major Radio Stations

Oct 15 2010

The following ad is scheduled to run several times next week (Oct. 17-22) on three New York radio stations: 1010 WINS, 770 WABC and 710 WOR.

True Torah Jews Hold Car Picketing in Melbourne, Australia

Jul 20 2010

True Torah Jews' branch in Melbourne, Australia held a car picketing on Tuesday, July 20, to protest the Zionist state and the recent digging in Jaffa.

True Torah Jews Produces Video to be Shown at Demonstrations

Jul 01 2010

True Torah Jews has produced a short video, which can be shown on a giant streetside screen at demonstrations.

CRC Calls Massive Protest Against Digging in Jaffa

Jun 15 2010

On Monday, June 14, the Zionist government continued bulldozing an ancient Jewish cemetery in Jaffa to make room for a hotel parking lot.

Orthodox Jews Protest Destruction of Ashkelon Cemetery by Zionist Government

May 16 2010

The Israeli government has proceeded with plans to enlarge the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon by destroying an ancient cemetery.

Nefesh Bnefesh Offers House Calls, Targets London Haredim

Jan 13 2010

Nefesh Bnefesh, an organization promoting aliyah (immigration to the Zionist state), released the following announcement this week:

True Torah Jews Against Zionism Places Billboard Ads

Jul 11 2008

True Torah Jews Against Zionism has paid for billboard ads in two places along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The ads went up on Monday, July 7; one of them is near the Broadway overpass in Williamsburg, facing the Queens-bound traffic.

Thousands of Copies of Anti-Zionist Flyer to be Distributed

May 08 2008

In conjunction with our mourning on the anniversary of the founding of the Zionist state, marking sixty years of rebellion against the Almighty and desecration of His name in the world, Jews Against Zionism has prepared a beautiful, glossy flyer with st

Jews Against Zionism Launches Radio Campaign

Nov 30 2007

In light of the recent Annapolis Conference and the efforts of various Orthodox Jewish groups, including Agudah, to spread their claim that Jerusalem should be under Jewish rule, Jews Against Zionism has embarked on a radio campaign.