Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.


American Jews, Come Home from the "Safe Haven"!

Dec 17 2015

U.S. State Department Issues Israel, The West Bank and Gaza Travel Warning

Why can't the Zionist redemption be G-d's hand?

Sep 07 2012

Dear sir,
As your opposition of the present State of Israƫl is based on the Thora, which texts of the Thora do you use and how do you read them?
Yours sincerely,
H. Frank

Should Jews live in the occupied territories?

Aug 28 2012

what is the torah perspective today on the jews living in the occupied territories?

What about the millions of Jews that live in Israel - don't we need to protect them?

Jul 26 2012

Hi Rabbi, my name is Joseph Rifkin. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I've posted our e-mail exchange below as a reminder. We corresponded approximately six weeks ago.

What kind of article can I write about the Gaza war in my college newspaper?

Jul 26 2012

I was thinking about writing an article about Gaza situation in my college newspaper. I write regularly; you can even see an old article of mine here:

Why did you write that Rabbi Avi Shafran is driven by Zionist ideology?

Jul 10 2012

Dear Rabbi,

I am writing regarding your recent response to Rabbi Avi Shafran, in which you said that although he claims only to be interested in safety, it is really Zionist ideology driving him.

Zionist State Ranked World's Fourth Most Dangerous Place

Jun 04 2009

A study of the world's most peaceful countries released Wednesday ranks the Zionist state as fourth to last among the 144 countries ranked.

Rabbi Shafran Responds to Accusation that Agudah Became Zionist

Dec 14 2007

In a letter to the editor of the New York Jewish Week, one writer characterized Agudath Israel as having become great nationalists because of its recent resolution on Jerusalem.