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What Orthodox Jews Really Want to Hear from Candidates and Politicians

Apr 10 2016

This past Friday, New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind attacked presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders for his recent comments on the 2014 Gaza war. "That's a blood libel against Israel!

Zionism: The Solution or the Problem for World Jewry?

Jul 27 2014

Three weeks into the Israeli operation in Gaza, anti-Israel protests in Europe have turned violent and openly anti-Semitic.

Rabbi Moshe Yitzchok Itzikel Gewirtzman, Pshevorsker Rebbe (1881-1976)

Nov 13 2012

When he sent a letter to the Holy Land, he would write the address himself, and he would write it using the gentile alphabet, not the Hebrew alphabet.

What kind of article can I write about the Gaza war in my college newspaper?

Jul 26 2012

I was thinking about writing an article about Gaza situation in my college newspaper. I write regularly; you can even see an old article of mine here:

Moroccan Jewish Community Condemns Israeli Operation in Gaza

Feb 05 2009

The Secretary General of the Foundation for Moroccan Jewish Heritage, Simon Lévy, has denounced the Israeli aggression on Gaza, and called on the international community to intervene to solve the conflict.

South African Jews Refuse to be Represented by Zionists

Jan 26 2009

A letter from a group of Jewish South Africans published in a Cape Town newspaper tells Jewish leaders who support the State of Israel's Gaza operation not to speak for them.

Antwerp Jews Disassociate from Zionist Activities

Jan 20 2009

After some Belgian Zionist leaders held a demonstration in Antwerps Albert Park, to demonstrate solidarity with the Zionist State and with the IDF's operations in Gaza, the Orthodox Jewish community of Antwerp felt the need to protest.

Zionists Angry Over Orthodox Willingness to Trade With Gaza

Oct 09 2007

The Zionist Minister of Agriculture, Shalom Simchon, met with National Religious Party leaders earlier this week, and launched an attack on the ultra-Orthodox establishment, saying they had "declared a cultural war on Israel" and "attempted to yield pro