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Where in the Torah does it say Jews can't have a state?

Dec 26 2012

Dear sir,

Can you give me reference (in the torah and bible), where it says that the jews are in exile and are not allowed to have a state?

What verses in the Torah are about the Jewish exile?

Dec 26 2012

Asalam Alaykum. Shalom. I greatly respect true submitters of Allah, loyal Jews. I wanted to know if there are specific chapters or verses that highlight the Law given by Allah regarding the Jewish exile. inshaAllah you will be able to help.

Do True Torah Jews and Zionists respect the same Scriptures?

Dec 26 2012

Dear Rabbi,

As a Christian, I wish to express my gratitude for this site and my prayers for your safety as you combat our common adversary.

Why can't the Zionist redemption be G-d's hand?

Sep 07 2012

Dear sir,
As your opposition of the present State of Israƫl is based on the Thora, which texts of the Thora do you use and how do you read them?
Yours sincerely,
H. Frank

Ultra-Zionist Settler Rabbi Publishes Controversial Book

Dec 20 2009

Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, head of the settler yeshiva Od Yosef Chai in the settlement of Yitzhar, has published a book entitled The King's Torah: Laws of Life and Death between Jews and the Nations.

Zionists to Make Jewish Texts Available Free Online

Jun 06 2008

Thousands of Jewish religious and other texts in Hebrew will be made available online for the first time by Bar-Ilan University, as part of an initiative sponsored by President Shimon Peres.