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What are the Kabbalistic sources against Zionism?

Dec 03 2012

Dear Brothers!
What are your views or teaching on Kabbalah?When & are the Jewish people allowed or Encouraged to study it?
Thank you.

Rabbi Shaul Brach, Rabbi of Kasho, Hungary (1865-1940)

Oct 20 2012

We have long ago been foresworn by the holy prophets not to force the end and not to enter the Land of Israel by force of arms. But these wayward sons say that with their strong arms and money they will save Israel.

If the state is against Hashem's will, why did He give them success?

Jul 26 2012

Dear Rabbi:

Please understand that I am asking this question respectfully, for information only.

Parsha Pearls: Succos

Aug 19 2011

Why there is no nun in Ashrei

Hashem caused this to come about, it is wondrous in our eyes. (Hallel, Tehillim 118:23)