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Three Oaths

Rabbi Yehuda Loew of Prague, the Maharal (1520-1609)

Jul 08 2012

The Midrash Rabbah on Shir Hashirim 2:7 begins: “I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem.” With what did He make them swear? Rabbi Eliezer says: He made them swear by heaven and earth.

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Oct 21 2011

Living Under the Zionist State
The Worst Zionists are the Religious Zionists
Yitzchok Loved Esav

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Oct 04 2011

Every Jew Must Fight Heretics
Shlomo’s Admittance to Olam Haba

And Moshe saw all the work, and behold, they had done it as Hashem had commanded, so had they done; and Moshe blessed them. (39:43)

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Sep 19 2011

Are the Oaths Interdependent?
Who Said the Oaths are Interdependent?
Zionism and Sabbateanism

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Sep 02 2011

We Accepted the Three Oaths at Sinai
We Will Not Be Redeemed by Humans
Yosef Mokir Shabbos

And the Egyptians did evil to us, and afflicted us, and placed upon us hard labor. (26:6)

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Aug 23 2011

The Severity of an Oath
The Danger of the Zionist Language
Living in the Holy Land During Exile