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Three Oaths

A Response to Rabbi Shlomo Aviner's Booklet on the Three Oaths

Aug 30 2012

Hi Rabbi, one more e-mail. I wouldn't even know how to respond to the attached article, Do Not Ascend Like a Wall, by Rabbi Shlomo Aviner. He gives 13 reasons why the Three Oaths don't apply to the State of Israel.

Doesn't the Rambam's omission of the oaths show that he did not consider them halacha?

Aug 30 2012

I am having an e-mail correspondence with a Rabbi I know in Los Angeles concerning the Three Oaths, and he raised the following argument:

A Response to Rabbi Gil Student

Aug 29 2012

Fyi, in Shul today, someone brought to my attention a 35 page essay written by Rabbi Gil Student. It was taken off of his blog (title of blog is Torahmusings.com).

Rabbi Mordechai Yosef of Izhbitzeh (d. 1854)

Aug 18 2012

Rabbi Mordechai Yosef of Izhbitzeh says that even in the technical laws of preparing food on Shabbos, Chazal hinted at the oaths.

Confused about Balfour, UN, Ponevecz, and other topics

Aug 16 2012

Even though I have the same views as you, one thing I have not been able to answer is the fact that if we were given the Balfour Declaration, how are we actually transgressing the Oaths, as the nations of the world (or the ruling nation Britain) gave th

Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai, the Chida (1724-1806)

Aug 02 2012

The Chida suggests that the three oaths correspond to the three segments of the Jewish people in exile: our familiar Jewish exile in the four corners of the earth, the ten lost tribes, and the descendents of Moshe.

Rabbi Yaakov Yehoshua Falk, author of Pnei Yehoshua (1680-1756)

Jul 25 2012

The Pnei Yehoshua, on Kesubos 111a, asks how the oath on the nations of the world fits in with the verse "do not arouse or awaken the love before it is desired" which refers to the redemption of the Jewish people.

Rabbi Avraham Lichtenstein, author of Kanfei Nesharim (1700s)

Jul 24 2012

Rabbi Avraham Lichtenstein was an eighteenth-century rabbi of Prassnysz, in the region of Plotzk, Poland, and author of Kanfei Nesharim. In his commentary Migdenos Avraham on Shir Hashirim 8:4, he says regarding the oaths:

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, the Ramchal (1707-1746)

Jul 22 2012

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto composed a prayer asking Hashem to look at the merit of the Jews who bear their exile and keep the oaths (The Book of 515 Prayers, number 168).

Why do you pronounce guilt on the Jewish people? You should try to find a limud zechus as in Makos 7a.

Jul 11 2012

A Rav
once told me that the Gemara says that in order to be a Judge on the
Sanhedrin one first had to prove that a sheretz does not cause tuma. But
doesn't a sheretz always cause tuma? Yes, but the point is that before

Why do you pour out your abuse on Zionism? It has no immediate influence over halacha.

Jul 10 2012

Your website breaks my heart. Where in all of this is 'vohavtoh l'reachoh c'mochoh'? You disgard as many great and commendable Rabbonim as you praise, in your effort to prove your point.

Fighting Zionism is like fighting chalav stam

Jul 10 2012

I tend to view being zealous over
the issue of the oaths along the lines of one who might be zealous for
chalav yisroel vs. chalav stam. I wouldn't doubt that there are some who

What do you think of the Eim Habonim Smeicha?

Jul 09 2012

I am not interseted in debate I only have one question. What do you think of the sefer, "Eim Habonim Smecha?"