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Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.


Are you a small minority? Is your evidence credible to all Jews?

Dec 27 2012

Dear Rabbi,

What can I do to convince my fellow Muslims that not all Jews are Zionists?

Dec 26 2012

Dear Friends,

As a Muslim preacher, I am trying to do what I can to ensure that the anger generated by Israel's recent crimes is not channelled towards Jews, i.e. separating Judaism from Zionism.

Is Israel racist and who does it represent?

Dec 26 2012

Dear Rabbi

I always knew that Jews are not Zionist and would appreciate your opinion of status of the state of Israel according to the Book ( The Holy Torah).

Can you tell me if the Israel represent all the jews in the world?

Do all Orthodox Jews agree with this website?

Dec 25 2012

Do all Orthodox Jews believe the things stated in this website or are there differences in opinion on this matter?

Tim M.

What is the solution to the problem of Zionism?

Dec 24 2012

I am an American currently in Israel, trying to understand God's plan here. I wonder what your organization thinks of the current situation in the West Bank.

What did Jews do wrong to deserve exile?

Aug 29 2012

Dear Rabbi,

First of all, I must say I'm deeply shocked by what I read in the "Ten questions to the Zionists" section!!

Zionist Cabinet Demands that Non-Jews Recognize Their State as a Jewish State

Oct 11 2010

The Israeli Cabinet has approved an amendment to a citizenship law that requires new citizens to declare their loyalty to a "Jewish and democratic state," the prime minister's office said Sunday.

Report: Palestinian and Jewish populations to be Equal by 2016

May 14 2009

In a special report on the 61st anniversary of the “Nakba” (catastrophe, referring to May 14, 1948, the day the Zionist state declared its independence), the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics surveyed the demographic situation in the Holy Land.

Israelis Feel Less Connected to State

May 19 2008

A comprehensive survey published Sunday by the Guttman Center revealed that the number Israeli Jews who feel like they are a part of Israel has hit a new low a mere 60%.

Zionist Rabbi Proposes Israeli Citizenship for Jews Worldwide

Apr 28 2008

"There must be legislation allowing Jewish people everywhere in the world to become Israeli citizens, even if they do not live here," asserted Rabbi Zalman Melamed on Sunday at a conference debating Torah-derived teachings as they pertain to minority is

Editor of Zionist Newspaper Responds to Demographic Arguments

Dec 16 2007

The six-year-old B'Sheva newspaper, published by the religious Zionist Arutz Sheva network, is currently Israel's fourth most widely read newspaper, according to a survey, and holds 7% of the Israeli market.

Russians and Zionists Competing Over Russian Jews

Dec 10 2007

The Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv is operating a branch of a government body, under the guise of a cultural center, whose goal is to persuade Russian emigrants to return, according to Israeli intelligence sources.

Zionists Seek to Bring Back Expatriates

Dec 10 2007

The State of Israel is trying to persuade hundreds of thousands of its citizens living overseas to return home in a project to coincide with the state's 60th
anniversary next year, the Absorption Ministry announced Sunday.

Israeli Population Growing More Religious

Nov 26 2007

A new study conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute shows that the secular sector in the Zionist state is shrinking: Only 20% of Jewish Israeli citizens define themselves as secular the lowest number in 34 years.

Population Statistics for Zionist State, Haredim

Sep 10 2007

Source: Ynet, BBC

A special situation report presented by the Central Bureau of Statistics ahead of the Jewish New Year reveals that at the end of 2006, Israel had 7,116,700 million citizens living in its territory.