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Vilna Gaon

What do you say about Kol Hator and moshiach ben yosef?

Dec 04 2012

Dear Rabbi,

Could it be that rabbis stopped fighting Zionism because their fears about it didn't materialize?

Nov 27 2012

The Vilna Gaon was the leading adversary of Chassidism. The Vilna Gaon was probably the greatest scholar of the past thousand years or more, no one argues about that. Many of his contemporaries who agreed with

Confused about Balfour, UN, Ponevecz, and other topics

Aug 16 2012

Even though I have the same views as you, one thing I have not been able to answer is the fact that if we were given the Balfour Declaration, how are we actually transgressing the Oaths, as the nations of the world (or the ruling nation Britain) gave th

Was the Vilna Gaon a Zionist?

Jul 26 2012

Dear TTJ:

Would you please disprove for me, what it says in the following article about the Vilna Gaon ZT"L and his students. It confuses me.