Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Current Events

Speech by Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro at the Brussels Demonstration, July 1, 2013

Jul 03 2013

Citizens of the European Union, members of the press, friends, and fellow protestors.


European Jews to Demonstrate at EU Headquarters in Brussels

Jun 27 2013

As tensions between the State of Israel and the Orthodox Jewish community over new draft policy reach a climax, European Jewry is reacting: a massive demonstration in Brussels at the Headquarters of the European Commission at 9A Place Schuman, 3:00 PM,

Alliance of American Jews to Demonstrate Against Israeli Draft

Jun 05 2013

Over a hundred thousand religious Jews from a broad alliance of communities will join this Sunday, June 9, 2013 at 4:00 PM in front of 26 Federal Plaza in NYC to protest against the recent decision by the Israeli government to force Orthodox Jews to ser

Orthodox Jews Hold Massive Demonstration in Front of Israeli Army Recruiting Office

May 21 2013

Last Thursday night, May 16, 2013, after the close of the Shavuos holiday, more than 40,000 Jews gathered in protest in front of the Israeli army's recruiting office in Jerusalem.

Israeli Army Publishes “Religious” Version of Magazine

Apr 12 2013

In its ongoing effort to draft religious Jewish young men, the Israeli army has produced a new religious version of its popular military magazine, Bamahaneh.

Leading Rabbis Urge Orthodox Jews Not to Vote in Israeli Election

Jan 21 2013

In preparation for the upcoming election this Tuesday in the State of Israel, the religious parties UTJ and Shas have intensified their campaigns for Orthodox votes, claiming that their presence in the Knesset is vital to protect the Orthodox, particula

Hagel Responds to Zionist Critics

Jan 09 2013

The Emergency Committee for Israel is currently leading a campaign to discredit Chuck Hagel, the former Nebraska senator who has been nominated by President Obama as Secretary of Defense.

EU Condemns State of Israel Over Settlements

Dec 11 2012

The European Union warned Israel of unspecified consequences Monday if it goes through with plans to build thousands of new settler homes in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Are the settlers of Gush Katif Zionists or anti-Zionists?

Dec 03 2012

Are the Jewish people that lived in Gush Katif also Zionists? They were protesting the expulsion from this land by the Prime Minister. They speak of Torah not Zionism.

Congratulations President Obama!

Nov 08 2012

True Torah Jews congratulates President Barack Obama on winning reelection. May he continue to lead the United States on the path to economic prosperity and world peace.

Second Netanyahu Ad Hits Florida Airwaves; TTJ Responds With Ad of Their Own

Oct 15 2012

The following story originally appeared in Politico:

Several weeks ago, ads featuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talking about Iran ran in targeted markets in Florida, courtesy of the c4 Secure America Now.

What is your view on the Agudah's protest against the Iranian president?

Aug 29 2012

Dear Rabbi,

Shalom Aleichem. I am a chossid. What is your position on the demonstration yesterday by Orthodox groups, including Agudath Israel, against the Iranian president on his visit to New York?

Thanks, Nuchem