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Current Events

Religious Zionist Party Protests West Bank Plan

Sep 12 2007

Minister of Industry and Trade Eli Yishai said this week that the religious party he represents, Shas, will not be able to remain in the coalition if the government promotes further Israeli withdrawals from the West Bank.

Population Statistics for Zionist State, Haredim

Sep 10 2007

Source: Ynet, BBC

A special situation report presented by the Central Bureau of Statistics ahead of the Jewish New Year reveals that at the end of 2006, Israel had 7,116,700 million citizens living in its territory.

Feiglin Proposes Bribing Palestinians to Leave

Sep 10 2007

In a recent opinion piece, radical religious Zionist leader Moshe Feiglin, who received 23.4 percent of the vote in the Likud primary last month, wrote that Israel is wasting money on security and military operations when it could instead give that mone

Zionists Target Russian Jews in Germany

Sep 06 2007

Nativ, the Israeli government organization that brought Russian Jews to Israel for decades beginning in the 1950's, now has its sights set on the 120,000 Russian Jews in Germany.

Zionists Outraged Over Al Aqsa Digging

Sep 05 2007

Israeli archaeologists said on Wednesday, August 29 that they fear priceless relics could be damaged by a mechanical digger being used by Muslim caretakers to carve out a utility trench at one of Jerusalem's holiest shrines.

Mass Shopping Trip Boosts Sderot Economy

Sep 04 2007

On Friday, thousands of Israelis from all over the country made a special trip to Sderot to support the town with a massive grassroots shopping spree in the rocket-battered city's stores and groceries.

Secular Commentator Explains Reasons for Draft-Dodging

Sep 04 2007

In a recent essay, Yaniv Itzkovitch, writer for Yedioth Ahronoth, put into words the feelings of an increasing number of young secular Israelis who are avoiding army service.

Zionist Extremists Campaign for Hebron Projects

Sep 02 2007

A Brooklyn advertising guide aimed at the Jewish community, "The Vues", contained an ad this week asking Jews to donate to religious celebrations on a regular basis at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. The banner read, "Be a Part of Hebron".

New Free Zionist Newspaper in Brooklyn

Sep 02 2007

A new English newspaper called "Hadar" has begun to be published weekly in Brooklyn, covering Israeli and world news from a strong Zionist perspective. Based on its advertisements, the newspaper appears to target the Orthodox Jewish community.

Readers Debate Zionism in Yated Neeman Newspaper

Aug 31 2007

The Monsey-based English-language Jewish newspaper Yated Neeman (Aug. 17, 2007) printed a letter in its "Readers Write" section from a Feivel Goldman, entitled "The Gedolim's View Vis-à-vis the State of Israel."

The letter stated,

Zionists Appeal for Weapons in Flatbush Synagogue

Aug 31 2007

Orthodox Jews attending a local Chassidic synagogue in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, Hisachdus Yereim Veretzky, under the leadership of Rabbi I.

Pastor and Zionist Activist to Debate on BBC

Aug 29 2007

Inspired by an IsraelNationalRadio program, some 30 Christians protested at a Florida church against its pastor's national call for a Palestinian state in the Land of Israel.

Zionists Criticize CNN Series

Aug 29 2007

The Zionist organization CAMERA - the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America - has published a detailed, scathing attack on the two-hour television program "G-d's Jewish Warriors," created by CNN's Christiane Amanpour as part of a th

Zionist State to Build New Towns

Aug 28 2007

The Zionist State will invest in the establishment of a new network of communities for families evicted from Gaza during the 2005 disengagement, the cabinet decided unanimously Tuesday morning.

Half of IDF's New Combat Officers are Religious

Aug 27 2007

Half of the IDF's young combat officers are religious Jews, according to statistics published as the lead story Sunday in Maariv, Israel's second largest daily newspaper.

Religious Jew to Help Plan Zionist 60th Anniversary

Aug 26 2007

In an attempt to include some of the most alienated factions within Israeli society, two self-proclaimed non-Zionists - a haredi media consultant and an Arab mayor - have been appointed to Israel's 60th anniversary planning committee.

Extremist Candidate Wins Quarter of Likud Vote

Aug 24 2007

Moshe Feiglin, leader of the radical right-wing Zionist group Manhigut Yehudit, won 23.4 percent of the Likud votes in the primary election last week.

Zionist Police Arrest Anti-Zionist Printer

Aug 23 2007

This week Israeli police arrested Binyamin Mayerovitz, owner of a printing company, on the grounds that he had printed anti-police incitement material.

Qassam Lands in Vacant Sderot Daycare Center

Aug 21 2007

Palestinians in north Gaza fired two Qassams toward Israel on Tuesday. One rocket struck a vacant Na'amat daycare center in the western Negev city of Sderot, causing slight damage to the building.

CNN to Air Series on Christian-Jewish Zionist Alliance

Aug 20 2007

This Tuesday through Thursday, Aug. 21-23, CNN will present a series by chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour examining the effects of evangelical Christianity as a powerful political force around the world.