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Zionist Events

Zionist Rally and Concert Draws 5,000

Mar 30 2008

Approximately 5,000 people attended Jerusalem United, a rally and concert to keep Jerusalem completely under Israeli sovereignty, held on Sunday, March 23, 2008 at The Armory in the Washington Heights section of New York City.

Religious Zionists Demonstrate Against Annapolis Summit

Nov 05 2007

Knesset Members, Zionist rabbis and leaders of the council of Jewish communities in the West Bank in addressed thousands of Jews Sunday night protesting against discussions being held between U.S.

Modern Orthodox Zionists Unite in Protest Against Israeli Concessions On Jerusalem

Oct 24 2007

A coalition of Modern Orthodox American Jewish groups has formed to protest against possible Israeli concessions to the Palestinian Authority at the upcoming Annapolis conference.

Wolfson and Israeli Politicians To Launch Religious Birthright Trips

Oct 10 2007

In an exclusive story, Haaretz News has learned that religious Israeli politicians have recently allocated NIS 10 million in public funds to grant free trips to young Chareidim to visit the Zionist state.

Conference Worried Over Jewish Anti-Zionist Activism

Aug 14 2007

A three-day conference of Diaspora and Israeli leaders and academics ended Thursday, July 12, 2007 with a list of policy recommendations.