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Police Brutality

Anti-Zionist Jewish Groups Protest Against Israeli Police Brutality

Sep 02 2009

In reaction to the recent police brutality against Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem, a mass picketing took place on Wednesday, September 2 at 2:30 PM in front of the Zionist consulate in Manhattan at 800 2nd Ave, corner 42nd St.

Zionist Police Arrest Anti-Zionist Printer

Aug 23 2007

This week Israeli police arrested Binyamin Mayerovitz, owner of a printing company, on the grounds that he had printed anti-police incitement material.

Rabbis Freed, Placed Under House Arrest

Aug 15 2007

The three Jews who were imprisoned by the Zionist police for protesting in Beis Shemesh were freed Wednesday, August 8.

More Than a Thousand Protest in Beis Shemesh

Aug 07 2007

Sunday evening, more than a thousand Jews gathered in Beis Shemesh, under the leadership of gedolei hador, including Rabbi Tuvia Weiss, rav of Jerusalem, to express the pained cry of the three heroes who endure prison sentences for the honor of G-d's na

Inquisition-Style Methods Used on Imprisoned Rabbis

Aug 07 2007

Last Saturday night, Rabbi Moshe Leib Friedman, who was arrested a month and a week ago for the sin of trying to establish standards of holiness and modesty in Beis Shemesh, was placed in solitary confinement, on the grounds that he did not state his na

Rabbi David Shmidel Writes on Behalf of Prisoners

Aug 07 2007

In a letter dated 23 Av 5667 (Tuesday, August 07, 2007) Rabbi David Michael Shmidel wrote to activists in New York: "The cry of our brethren who are in cruel confinement here in the Holy Land, for their protest against violations of Jewish law, rises up

Protest Against Brutal Treatment of Arrested Demonstrators in Beis Shemesh

Jul 22 2007

The Central Rabbinical Congress of U.S.A and Canada has called for a mass demonstration on Tuesday, July 24th, 2007 at 2:30 PM in front of the consulate of the State of Israel at 800 2nd Ave, New York, to protest the brutal behavior of the Israeli polic

A plea for the release of two Yeshiva students held by the Israeli Government

Sep 07 1972

134 Broadway • Brooklyn 11, N.Y.

September 7, 1972