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Leaving the Zionist State

Rabbi Yissachar Dov Rokeach, Belzer Rebbe (1854-1925)

Sep 30 2012

Zionism itself is founded on denial of G-d’s providence, reward and punishment and the coming of the redeemer. Nationalism is built only on the ruins of the holy Torah, belief in G-d, His prophets, and the Talmudic Sages.

Rabbi Avraham Azulai (1570-1643)

Jul 14 2012

The mekubal Rabbi Avraham Azulai, writes in his work Chesed L'avraham, Mayan 3 Nahar 22: "You must know that we have a tradition that on the day when moshiach will arrive in Eretz Yisroel with the ingathered Jews, he will find there seven thousand Jews.

Israelis Feel Less Connected to State

May 19 2008

A comprehensive survey published Sunday by the Guttman Center revealed that the number Israeli Jews who feel like they are a part of Israel has hit a new low a mere 60%.

Zionists Advise Jews to Prepare for Non-Conventional Attack

Dec 25 2007

The Zionist State's Home Front Command (HFC) has launched an information campaign designed to heighten civilian readiness for the possibility of an attack on Israel using non-conventional weapons.

Russians and Zionists Competing Over Russian Jews

Dec 10 2007

The Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv is operating a branch of a government body, under the guise of a cultural center, whose goal is to persuade Russian emigrants to return, according to Israeli intelligence sources.

Zionists Seek to Bring Back Expatriates

Dec 10 2007

The State of Israel is trying to persuade hundreds of thousands of its citizens living overseas to return home in a project to coincide with the state's 60th
anniversary next year, the Absorption Ministry announced Sunday.

Mass Shopping Trip Boosts Sderot Economy

Sep 04 2007

On Friday, thousands of Israelis from all over the country made a special trip to Sderot to support the town with a massive grassroots shopping spree in the rocket-battered city's stores and groceries.

Zionists Desperate to Get Emigrants Back

Aug 17 2007

To mark Israels upcoming 60th anniversary, the Absorption Ministry is launching an unprecedented campaign to return Israelis living abroad to the country by offering them a NIS 100 million ($24 million) incentives package, Yedioth Ahronot reported on Fr

Zionist Nefesh B'Nefesh Boasts 210 New Immigrants

Aug 09 2007

Among the 210 new immigrants who arrived in Israel on a Nefesh BNefesh charter flight Tuesday morning were Holocaust survivors Miriam and Itamar Pollak of New Haven, Connecticut, who decided to make aliyah at the age of 71 and 78, respectively.