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Rabbi Boruch Kaplan, Principal of Bais Yaakov (1911-1996)

Nov 26 2012

This is a free translation of a Yiddish transcript of a taped interview made some 30 years ago with the late Rabbi Boruch Kaplan, who was a principal of the Beis Yaakov Girls School in Brooklyn, and who was a student in the Hebron yeshiva (religious sch

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Shlach

Sep 17 2011

The Miraculous Survival of the Jewish people
The Zionists’ Success Was Predicted
Zionism: Fact or Opinion?
Hashem Does Not Desire Our Wars
The Hebron Massacre and Its Lesson

Zionist Government Expels Extremist Zionist Settlers

Aug 19 2011

The expulsion of two Jewish families from their homes, built on the site of the former Hebron marketplace, was completed late Tuesday morning, August 7.

IDF Rabbi Places Mezuzah in Hebron Old City

Dec 20 2007

The IDF is considering taking disciplinary action against an army rabbi who affixed a mezuza to an entranceway to the Hebron marketplace on Monday.

54 MKs Support Settlers Reclaiming Hebron Quarter

Nov 01 2007

54 members of Knesset have signed a petition in favor of Zionist settlers reclaiming houses and lands in the former Jewish quarter of Hebron, purchased by Jews in past generations, which were abandoned after the violence of 1929.

Zionist Extremists Campaign for Hebron Projects

Sep 02 2007

A Brooklyn advertising guide aimed at the Jewish community, "The Vues", contained an ad this week asking Jews to donate to religious celebrations on a regular basis at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. The banner read, "Be a Part of Hebron".