Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Jews Against Zionism Airs Ad on WABC Radio

March 25, 2010

On Wednesday, March 24, True Torah Jews Against Zionism ran an ad on WABC, New York's premier conservative talk radio station. The ad ran once during the Rush Limbaugh program and then again during the Mark Levin show. The following is the text of the ad:

This message is brought to you by True Torah Jews, an international organization of hundreds of thousands of Jews who are true to Torah and Judaism.

On the occasion of the current meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu of the State of Israel, and President Obama, True Torah Jews would like to remind the world of the existence of large communities of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews, whom Netanyahu and his state cannot claim to represent.

Ever since Jews were sent into exile by Heavenly decree, they were forbidden to have a state of their own. According to Jewish law, Jews may live in all parts of the world, including the Holy Land, but only without Jewish sovereignty.

Our disapproval of Netanyahu is compounded by the fact that he insists on building new housing developments in East Jerusalem, angering the United States and the other nations of the world. The Torah commands Jews to be respectful to the leaders of their country and to all world leaders. And the Torah commands Jews to live in peace with their neighbors in all countries.

We support President Barack Obama and his dedicated administration, and continually prays for his success and wellbeing. And to Netanyahu we say: You don't speak in our name!

To find out more about the Torah opinion on the Middle Eastern situation, visit www.TrueTorahJews.com. That’s www.TrueTorahJews.com.

To hear the radio ad against Zionism, click here.