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What is the source that Rabbi Wise went to Congress in 1943 to stop the rescue of Jews from Europe?

Jan. 28, 2009

My question is historical, on your holocaust page you mention that Rabbis Wise in 1943 went to congress to oppose any changes in US immigration laws to allow more Jews into the country from Europe. I can find no reference to this in the congressional archive, please could you provide a source for this. I would like to say that I am not a holocaust denier or an anti-Semitic, I was born to Polish Jew, given up for adoption in the UK and raised by a Christian family, my interest in modern Zionism is part of a life long search to learn more about my people.

Peace to you and all involved in your movement.

Wise tried to stop the founding of the War Refugee Board through Congressman Sol Bloom. Here is the relevant section from Holocaust Victims Accuse, p. 49:

Only in 1944, did the first authorized government organization come together to save Jews from death: President Roosevelt's War Refugee Board. Roosevelt, a leading anti-Semite, didnt easily agree to establish this Board. Before this, American Orthodoxy, led by the Agudas HaRabbonim, kept up a continuous battle for such a board. Two days before Yom Kippur in 1943, 400 American rabbis staged a mass demonstration in Washington, where they made a tremendous impression by enunciating the screams of their beleaguered brethren. They brought their petitions before the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as the White House. With unceasing appeals to the members of the House and Senate, their measure passed both houses, forcing Roosevelt on January 22, 1044, to create the War Refugee Board.

To this demonstration there was one obstacle: President Roosevelt refused to receive a delegation of the demonstrators and was represented only by his secretary. Thus, we return to the dastardly character of Stephen Wise. The Morning Journal, which is rarely cynical about Zionist leaders, wrote about the rabbis demonstration:

It is regrettable that the President didnt choose to accept the delegation of Rabbis. It is more unfortunate, according to information we have received, that this was due to pressure put on the President by certain influential Jews. Turning the rescue of Jews into a political football to be thrown around even at the Presidents doorway is an outrageous scandal.

The agents of Rabbi Stephen Wise did not hide their crime of intentional sabotage, but haughtily pointed to their own Stephen Wises obstruction of the rabbis. In the Zionist Hebrew language organ, Bezaron, of Tishri, 1943 we read the following satire (see The Record of the American Rescue Committee by Moshe Prager):

Our rabbis, sages, most honored rebbes and saintly individuals from all factions suddenly left their rabbinical seats, girded themselves, combed their beards and peyos and went out to breach the walls of Washington, D.C. Our rabbis are experts in Talmud but they've neglected and forgotten one tractate - the book of common manners. They dont understand that Washington cannot be taken by storm. They should have known that the inner and outer keys to the White House are not in their hands. There's and ancient proverb, 'he who works Friday eats on the Sabbath'. Certainly they know that in times of danger for Zionism, who was the one to solicit mercy for them and tear up the evil edict? Not these rabbis, but one well known rabbi, who stands on constant guard and in whose hands and agents hands are these keys.

With the help of Congressman Sol Bloom, Stephen Wise did everything to prevent legislation in both houses of Congress leading to the formation of the War Refugee Board. He could not prevent it, but he did delay its formation.

You can download the entire book Holocaust Victims Accuse by clicking here.