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What should Muslims and Jews do together to show the truth?

Feb. 27 2008

Dear Rabbi,

First off i want to say I am a Muslim, and it really is overwhelming and feels amazing to see our Jewish brothers and sisters telling the truth about the Zionist Problem. My question is, what exactly do you feel that Muslims and Jews should do together to show the truth? Thank you. Asalaamu Alakum, Shalom, Peace be with you.

Dear Dawud,

The Torah says that only G-d has the right to bring back our exiles and restore us to our homeland; we do not have the right to do it on our own.

This was the Jewish belief throughout the ages and it is only in the age of Zionism that many Jews have forgotten their original mindset and begun thinking differently. We see it as our job to publicize the words of the Torah, our Talmudic sages and rabbis of recent times so that Jews realize their mistake.

You ask what Jews and Muslims should do together. I think a Jewish group like ours speaking alone will have a better effect on Jews than a joint effort of Jews and Muslims.

But Muslims can play an important role by making clear that their criticisms and grievances are against Zionism and Zionists, not against Jews. This serves to deflect the common Zionist accusation of anti-Semitism. Many Muslims already do make a point of saying "Zionists" and yet they are still accused of being anti-Jewish. The best way to avoid this is for Muslims to explain why Zionists are not traditional Jews. They should say, "Jews have always believed in waiting for G-d to send the messiah to redeem them, whereas Zionists believe that they can redeem themselves through warfare and other human initiatives." When they say this, their insistence on speaking against the "Zionist state" rather than the "Jewish state" will be more meaningful.