Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Congratulations on your fight for truth and justice


Dear Torah Jews!

I would like to congratulate to you for your fight for the truth and justice and a very good website, that I have recommended to many people through the past few years.
I wish there would be more news cover and publicity available to show everyone that not all Jews agree with the Zionist movement and how the Zionists monopolize with biased views and distorted news and media and politics across the world.
An ordinary person (Jew and non-Jew alike) would think, that all Jews are Zionists and they all serve the interest of the Jewish state of Israel, which has been receiving a lot of criticism on its foreign and domestic affairs.
The "Jewish-State" term is fundamentally wrong, since only 2/3 of its population are Jews and the rest are Muslims and Christians and various other people. Even that 2/3 of them are only call themselves Jews because of having a parent or grandparent who was Jewish, but otherwise they have little or nothing to do with Judaism as a religion. I would say they are mostly just victims of the brainwashing done by the Zionist Propaganda.
Unfortunately, the actions of Zionists and Israel, turning even the calmest person into a critique of Israel and critique of Jews (Zionists call them an antisemites), which I believe is actually something the Zionists love to see, since they use fear as a tool to herd more Jews to Israel, pointing a finger to various countries and communities how "antisemitism grows", and they need to be feared and the only solution is to immigrate to Israel or send money to a Zionist controlled agency.
If you ask me to describe who is really an anti-semite, logically, I would say "Someone who wants to hurt or kill a Jew, because he was born a Jew or because he practices Judaism".
Unfortunately, this was twisted out of context by the zionists, who would easily call anyone "anti-semite" or call Jews disagreeing with the Zionist Doctrine as a "self hating Jew" even if they mention any negative about either Israel or Zionism.
I truly beleive, that most people aren't antisemites whatsoever, even if they believe that most Zionists are Jews and see what goes on in Israel, they would not want to hurt anyone physically or bother anyone in any way beside telling them the truth and demand legal action taken against the criminals, regardless of religion or race.
I'm myself, baptised as a roman-catholic gentile, disagree with even the Catholic Church itself, which has been infected with Zionism , especially in the USA.
I believe in a Supreme Almighty, but I believe in my own ways, I don't need anyone to tell me how and where. G-d is or what to do or not to do. Everyone could find him within himself if he puts away his anger and fear and asks himself what is right or wrong.
What our hearts tells us is what G-d is telling us, but unfortunately many people just can't tune in or afraid to accept reality or severely misinformed to a point, that they deny and reject their own feelings.
Once somebody said "The Arch of the Universe bends toward Justice" which the very foundation of universal law, since physics and mathematics based on nothing else but facts and 1+1 will never be 3.
Thus any way of distorting the laws has a consequence of not having the right answer at the end of the equation, and it leads to very undesirable consequences that would effect everything. That is what happening now and no matter how hard they are trying to bend away that Arch, it will always point to the Truth, and the consequence will be what we call Judgment.
As Bob Marley the reggae singer was singing:
-You can fool some people sometimes, but you can fool all the people all the times".
How true.
-G-d Bless, and I wish much more success in the future!