Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Do you say Israel should be given back to the Arabs?


Dear Rabbi,

Im a sunni muslim and am extremely against zionism because it is totally wrong, however i would like to know why some jews are against zionism and the state of israel isent. Would the people who live in israel be regarded as rejectors of jewish faith???The jews who are against zionism would they like israel given back to the arabs????

Musa A.

Dear Musa,

We are against the state of Israel because the Jewish people is in exile by G-d's decree. Exile means that the Jews must be scattered around the world, living under the rule of various nations, as loyal citizens to their governments. The Talmud (fifth century compilation of Jewish law) says that Jews are forbidden to rebel or make wars with other nations, or to retake the Holy Land. It is permitted for us to live in the Holy Land, but we must live there as citizens of a non-Jewish government, not as an independent state. Yes, many of the Jews who live in the state of israel are rejectors of the Jewish faith. But not all. A good part of them, about 10% or 500 thousand, have no interest in Zionism and political sovereignty. And yes, we do say that the Holy Land should not be in Jewish hands.