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Why not work on ending Sinas Chinom instead of writing against Zionism?

Feb 21 2008

The following I wrote to you in the past, Since you did not respond to me I believe That you had nothing to answer, in that case, how about you stop sending around your missionary believes
to those who dont fall for your Shtusim
p.s. by the way who was the one who said "ABBA HIACH MAASRIN ES HAMELACH"?

Zionism is diffidently A major issue that haves to be solved (hopefully through Moshiach Bekorov), but unfortunately there is A lot bigger issue to tackle before that, which is the the SINAAS CHINOM and MACHLOIKES that are going on in your own communities, which, in my humble opinion, if you would only divert your attention and talents to solve those issues, I believe Moshiach would have possibly been here A long time ago, and that would have solved your problem with Zionism.

Instead we are falling for the ploy of the SATAN to divert our attention from the more important issue, which already caused once the destruction of our Bais Hamikdosh And we comfort our selves by believing that we already do everything possible to bring Moshiach closer "OPEN UP YOUR EYES"

p.s. if you believe that I'm wrong please explain


Dear Aaron,

This is the first time I have received any letters from you. Please explain what sinas chinom and machloikes you are referring to. If you mean that our speaking out against Zionism is itself sinas chinom, allow me to explain that we don't mean it that way at all. We love all Jews and are simply reaching out to them like any other kiruv organization. Just as there are many Jews today who were unfortunately never educated about Torah and Yiddishkeit and they need to be taught and educated, so too there are many Jews who are frum yet do not know the first thing about the Torah sugya of the Shalosh Shevuos and how to apply it to the history of Zionism. There are, of course, a few who do know the sugya and yet disagree with our view. But these are a tiny minority.

If, on the other hand, you are referring to machloikes in some other area such as Chassidic politics, you are definitely correct and there is definitely what to work on there. But I don't see why you think that is a contradiction to our speaking out about Zionism. Let those who are equipped to work on the machloikes work on it, and let those who are equipped to write seforim against Zionism work on that.

In a way, an organization like Natruna that incorporates elements from many different communities is helping to bridge the gaps between different groups and bring everyone together under one banner of Torah and kiddush hashem.