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Which Sephardic rabbis support you?

May 21, 2008

How come u have no endorsements from sephardic rabbis? I guess b/c they are TZIONI, so I guess they are not true Torah Jews?
stop bashing jews and start focusing on ahavat yisrael
thank you

Dear Aharon,

First of all, look again on the endorsement page and you'll see Rabbi Ezra Douek of Los Angeles. Secondly, it is well known that the Baba Sali read the sefer Vayoel Moshe and declared it "the sefer of our generation".

Sephardi rabbis have a long history of opposing Zionism. In the 1920’s, when the British Mandate government automatically registered every Jew in Palestine under the Zionist Nationalist Council (Vaad Haleumi) unless he or she specifically requested to be removed, all the greatest rabbis of the time signed a legal ruling obligating every Jew to opt out. Among those signing were four major Sephardic rabbis: Rabbi Shlomo Eliezer Alfandari, Saba Kadisha of Jerusalem, Rabbi Chaim Shaul Douek, leader of Sephardic Kabbalists of Jerusalem; Rabbi Yosef Yedid Halevi, and Rabbi Yaakov Chaim Sofer, author of Kaf Hachaim.

Rabbi Chaim Shaul Douek said: “This is how the Zionists succeed in capturing the religious: by means of the Mizrachi, who disguise themselves as rescuers [of the Torah], when in truth it is they who are the destroyers and damagers of the path of Torah. May G-d spare us from them.”

On May 28, 1948, during the Zionist war of independence, Rabbi Ben Zion Chazan decided that he must surrender to the Jordanians, even at the risk of his life. He emerged from his synagogue holding a white flag, together with Rabbi Velvel Mintzberg. The Haganah immediately opened fire on him, wounding him in the leg. Eventually, however, Haganah commander Moshe Russnak told his forces not to kill the old rabbi. Rabbi Chazan, Rabbi Mordechai Weingarten and a Haganah representative came to El-Tell to sign the surrender document.

In July 1951, three leading Sephardic rabbis, Rabbi Tzadkah Hutzin, Rabbi Yaakov Mutzafi and Rabbi Yosef Cohen, issued the following proclamation against participation in the Israeli elections:


“Regarding the elections to the government in the Land of Israel, we have determined in accordance with Judaism to publicly declare and to publicize Torah opinion, that according to Law, it is FORBIDDEN FOR ANY JEW WHOSE FOREFATHERS STOOD AT MT. SINAI TO, G-D FORBID, PARTICIPATE IN THE ELECTIONS TO THE KNESSET OF THE HERETICS, AND NO POWER IN THE WORLD SHALL PERMIT THIS IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. Anyone taking part in these elections violates this prohibition, and it is as if he agrees with the laws of the state WHICH ARE AGAINST the laws of the TORAH. He thereby gives power to the forces of evil and those desecrating G-d's name. We must remain apart from the heretics and not join with those who are rebelling against G-d. WHOEVER FEARS G-D SHALL TAKE CARE NOT TO BE SEDUCED BY ANYONE, AND SHOULD WARN HIS HOUSEHOLD NOT TO BE MISLED INTO VIOLATING THIS PROHIBITION.”

Rabbi Yaakov Mutsafi continued to uphold this ruling 30 years later, in a statement dated 1981:

“With regard to the prohibition of participating in the elections to the Knesset, we hereby declare our Jewish legal position that it is absolutely forbidden for any man or woman to participate in these elections, which involve many severe prohibitions and sins.

We must separate entirely from the heretics, and not become involved with those who rebel against our Torah.

We must not be seduced by the imaginary claims of saving Jews because the very collaboration itself is a severe prohibition, and no one has the power to annul it.

Whosoever listens to us shall be safe and will be blessed.

May we merit to see the revelation of the Divine Presence, G-d’s majesty and the coming of the messiah.


Yaakov Mutsafi
David Even Tov
H. Shalom (formerly of Sa’ana, Yemen)

Sephardi Jews have the most reason to be anti-Zionist because they recognize better than anyone that historically, Jews did quite well in Arab countries and did not suffer anywhere near the amount of persecution suffered by the Jews of Europe. It was only Zionism that caused them to be harassed and frightened out of their countries, whereupon the Zionists took them in and placed them in anti-religious absorption camps.

Finally, we are not here to bash Jews but to save Jewish lives by reverting to the methods of protection Hashem intended for us during exile. It should be clear by now that the methods of the Zionists have gotten us nowhere, have embroiled us in dangerous conflicts and caused us to lose respect as the "light to the nations" in the eyes of a large part of the world.