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Why are there religious Jews who support Zionism?

Jan. 23, 2009

Thankyou for your website. Can you please tell me why there are religous jews in israel who support zionism? Do they not know or care about what is written in the Torah? Or do they interpret it differently?

Many thank


Dear Ali,

There truly are many Orthodox Jews who mistakenly support Zionism. I would say about 50% of them do. Why do they go against what is written in the Torah? There are a small number who interpret it differently. They argue that the Talmud never prohibited the founding of a peaceful state, with permission from the nations. The problem is, they ignore that fact that its the nation living in the land that counts, not other nations around the world. And the state of Israel was founded in an anything but peaceful way.

Most religious Zionist Jews, however, are simply ignorant and do not know the law. Their rabbis have not taught it to them. And even among those who do know it, most are brainwashed by the incessant Zionist rhetoric of the Jewish newspapers, to believe that all Arabs and Muslims are murderers and the only way to protect Jews is to support the State of Israel. In this way, the Zionists build support for themselves, because every time they kill a lot of Palestinians, it causes a backlash of Jew-hatred in the Arab world, which in turn causes Jews to support the Zionists. It is a never-ending cycle. Thus for many Jews today, its not even Zionism driving them anymore, as much as fear of the Muslims.

The way to end this is to do what we are doing: show Jews that the Zionists are the ones who stirred up this whole fight to begin with, and that their actions have only brought trouble upon Jews; and to show Jews that Jews and Arabs have always and can still live side by side in peace.

I believe also that we must work to provide Israeli Jews other options as to where to live, so that those who are afraid to live under a Palestinian state will not feel pressured to support Zionism as their only alternative.

Many thanks for your reply, I am grateful to you. In the UK where I
live there are many zionist rabbis, under what category do they come under?
I have been debating with one of them, and to me he seems to be just a liar
unfortunately. I cant see any signs of faith in him. I was really shocked.
Its as if all he is doing is exploiting religion for the purpose of zionism.
And yet he calls himself a Rabbi and in so doing deceives so many people. I
am total astonished.

Many thanks again and best regards.


Could i also please ask you to edit the Zionism article on
Wikipedia. It has nothing to say about the points you mention in your
website and i think is written by prozionists. This wikipedia site is a
primary source of information for people and many can be mislead by reading
what is currently written there. Please i would urge you to update it and
put your view points on it as well. The location is:


or just go to wikipedia and search for zionism. It is free to edit by

Many thanks again