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What should I tell a Zionist friend who gets angry when I say the Jews are in exile?

Feb 18, 2008

Hello, first off i would like to thank you for installing this part of your site anf for actually making the site and exposing the truth to the world...

G-d willing I ask Theirs this Zionist women i know who undoubtedly beleives that the Torah is the Truth, when i tell her that The Jews are a people who are supposed to be in exile. She stuck the middle finger at me and called me an anti-semite what evidences do i use to show her this

Dear Mr. Haseen,

There are parts of the Torah that speak negatively about the Jewish people how they have sinned and angered G-d, and how He promised to send them into exile. Often throughout history, it has happened that gentiles utilized these criticisms of the Jews to justify their anti-Semitism and persecution of the Jews. For example, Christians claim that the Jews are now rejected by G-d and that they, the Christians are the new chosen people. They quote the words of the prophets in which they elaborate on all the sins committed by the Jews in their time, and the punishments promised by G-d for them. However, this is an inaccurate picture of the truth for two reasons: 1) the sins criticized by the prophets are actually very minor, and on the whole the Jewish people were always on a high moral level and were very beloved to G-d. 2) the exile is only temporary and G-d always retains us as His holy nation. There will come a time when the exile will end and He will rebuild the Temple and gather in the exiles, through the person known as the messiah. The Bible contains a lot of prophecy about this: Deuteronomy 30, Isaiah 40-66, Ezekiel 36-43 and much more.

I am not surprised that when you, a non-Jew, preach to a Jew about exile, she suspects you of being an anti-Semite, because this is exactly what anti-Semites did in past generations: they used quotations from the Bible against the Jews. My advice is that you stress the positive things in the Bible about the Jewish restoration and the redemption, and ask her this question: 1) What is the Jewish belief about the messiah? What will the messiah do? If she is a believing Jew, she will respond that the messiah will gather in the exiles of the Jews and build Jerusalem. Then you can ask her: If so, what gives the Zionists the right to do all this in advance? Let them wait for the messiah to do it.

Tell her: G-d loves the Jewish people and wants to give them something good. So how do the Jews show their appreciation and loyalty to G-d? By going and stealing it before G-d is ready to give it to them? Of course not.

If she wants to hear more about this subject you can give her my e-mail address or tell her about our website.