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Who was Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky?


I would like to know who the author was of the Statement to the UN Commitee on Palestine in 1947, which appears on this page: http://www.truetorahjews.org/dushinskyjuly

Thank you

Dear Alan,

Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky (18681948) was a Hungarian rabbi, and later rabbi of the separatist Orthodox community of Jerusalem. He was born in Paks, Hungary, where his father was the sofer ("scribe"). He studied first under Rabbi Moses Pollak, rabbi of Paks, and later under Rabbi Simhah Bunim Sofer (Schreiber, the Shevet Sofer) in Pressburg. In 1892 he married the only daughter of Rabbi Mordecai Leib Winkler of Brezovanad Bradlom (Slovakia) and spent the next three years in his house. The years spent at Pressburg and his father-in-law's fine personality were the main formative influences in his life. In 1895 he was elected rabbi to a congregation in Galanta established in opposition to the existing one; and in 1921 went to Khust (Carpatho-Ruthenia). In 1932 he visited Palestine and on the death of Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld was elected in 1933 to succeed him as rabbi of the Edah Charedis (the non-Zionist Orthodox community) of Jerusalem. He founded a yeshivah, Beis Yosef, which had hundreds of pupils. Rabbi Dushinsky was an active supporter of Agudath Israel, but in the last few years of his life when the Agudah seceded from the Edah Charedis and became more reconciled with Zionism, Rabbi Dushinsky kept away from Agudah. While the Agudah activists spoke to the UN commission in 1947 in favor of a Jewish state, Rabbi Dushinsky appeared separately before the UN and stated that his community was opposed to a Jewish state in any part of Palestine. The document posted on our site is Rabbi Dushinsky's address to the UN.