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Which rabbis alive today do you consult and follow?

Feb. 11, 2009

I have looked at your rabbinical endorsement page and realize that chashuv Rabonim have lent their names to support some of your Torah publications. I respectfully ask what rabbinical authority is supporting and giving their haskoma to your site? I noticed on a recent flyer that you list many Gedolim of previous generations who were very against Zionism at the time. I am curious to to see names of living Gedolim making similar statements. thank you for this clarification.

Dear Avigdor,

There are Rabbonim with whom we regularly consult about what material to post on the site: Rabbi Menashe Fulop and Rabbi Ephraim Hersh Smilowitz of Brooklyn. Rabbi Avraham Leitner ztl was our guiding light until his passing in 2007.

See this article about our dinner in 2007. The speakers at the dinner were rabbonim and roshei yeshiva who support our website and all our activities.

Also, if you understand Yiddish, you can call our hotline at 718-873-0055, ext. 5, and hear speeches by rabbis who support our activities.