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What do you say about the magazine Tomorrow's World?

June 11, 2008

My father reads a zionist christian magazine with rapture ready rhetoric. The stuff this magazine says makes me scared he may become a fundementalist. My question is why does tommorows world (the magazine I was talking about) support zionism. Another comment is that zionist christians are racist (they use scripture to justify colonialism especially that done by the british empire) and they are anti simites that wish jews in the holy land and elsewhere to convert. lastly some other anti zionist website said that orthodox christians (almost all christian zionist are white anglo saxon portestant rich, overly educated males between 35 and 70 years of age) now these orthodox support zionism by saying moslem fundemtalist destroy christian stuff. This site claimed the jew and christian anti zionist were attacked at a rally by zionist.

I took a brief look at the Tomorrow's World website. I didn't find their support for Zionism but I can imagine what you mean, based on what I saw. They are very focused on Biblical prophecies being fulfilled today and future end-of-the-world scenarios. Zionism surely fits into these newly discovered "prophecies" somehow.

We Orthodox Jews are firm believers in following the law of G-d as opposed to attempting to fulfill prophecies. We don't have to worry about world history and destiny that is G-d's business. If He gave a prophecy He will make sure it happens. Our business is only to follow the laws of the Torah. Of course, often when people try to fulfill scriptural prophecies they end up violating G-d's laws on the way. Our opposition to Zionism is based on the laws of the Torah, which obligate Jews to be in exile until the messiah comes.